10 Statues Against the Law of Gravity

Visit a place that has a statue, wow cool and amazingly sure. You can take pictures while capturing happy moments in front of him.

Not only beautiful to looking, some places even make a statue as an icon of the city. Its unique shape with various sizes makes this fine art object interesting photographs. Behind the unique shape of the statues, of course, an artist has its own message to be conveyed. Discussing about the statue, there are some unique shapes.

Here Short Route summarizes 10 sculptures with the concept of breaking the law of gravity

1. The Power of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn

2. Wire Fairies By Robin Wight

3. Trans Ī Re By Fredrik Raddum

4. Wursa by Daniel Firman

5. Floating Stone by Smaban Abbas

6. Coffee Kiss by Johnson Tsang

7. Take My Lighting But Don’t Steal My Thunder By Alex Chinneck

8. Les Voyageurs By Bruno Catalano

9. Wurf VI By Anna Borgman And Candy Lenk

10. Book Sculptures By Alicia Martin

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