10 The Landscape of Nature is True and Real in the World

The earth is full of beautiful natural scenery as well as amazing. Some have been formed naturally for thousands of years, but some are man-made. Even some of the sights we think are unlikely to happen, but the real reality is there. Here are some natural scenery on Earth that we can not believe.

1. Natural hot springs, Denizli Province, western Turkey

There is a storied natural hot springs in the province of Denizli, western Turkey dating from the 2nd century BC. From afar, these hot springs formed by calcite in the water look like stunning white clouds.

2. River Rhone-River Arve, Geneva, Switzerland

In Geneva, tourists can see the scenery where there are two rivers that meet each other but not united. The Rhone River is derived from the Rhone glacier, while the Arve River comes from a glacier in the Chamonix valley.

3. The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression in the northeast corner of Ethiopia is one of the hottest places on the planet with temperatures reaching 62 degrees Celsius. In the area there are two active volcanoes, lava lakes, geysers, acid pools, and some mineral deposits undefined.

4. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope Canyon is the canyon (the deepest valley formed by river water flow erosion) which is most widely photographed in Southwest America. Many tourists come here to admire the subtle texture of the waves.

5. Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

The area of waters located in Wyoming Yellowstone National Park is the largest natural hot spring in the United States. This place is famous for its dazzling colors from orange and red in the summer to the green in winter.

6. Zao Onsen ski resort, Japan

It is located in the Yamagata Prefecture mountains in Japan. Here, we will see an ‘ice tree’, a tree formed from a large amount of snow.

7. Salinas Grandes, Argentina

This huge salt desert in Argentina stretches for 3,700 square kilometers and there is a saltwater pool in the center.

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