4 Extreme Culinary Animals that Still Move when Presented

Most people are more accustomed to enjoying the food served in a perfectly ripe state. Surely this can not be separated from the culinary dish that is more to sell meat with the maturity evenly. No exception on fish and seafood.

but different things are often found in other countries. Where in some countries like Japan and Korea, some culinary is served in a state of half-cooked or even still completely raw, especially culinary seafood.

In contrast to South Korea that serves a fresh culinary menu of octopus eaten alive. Some of this culinary is served by using dead animals, but still moving after being given soy sauce or salt.

According to Charles Grisham, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virginia who was quoted by the Huffington Post, this is due to the content of sodium chloride contained in salt or soy sauce. The content can make the body of a dead animal can receive stimulation response.

Let me not curious, here are 4 extreme culinary animals that can still move when presented

1. Sushi Hokkigai

Some time ago the public had dihebohkan by a video showing shellfish on sushi that move and as if still alive. The Sushi name is Sushi Hokkigai.

Hokkigai itself is a unique type of shell that is used as sushi menu in a restaurant called Sushiro in Japan. The scallops were already dead but because of the touch of chopsticks that had been soaked in soy sauce made it move

2. Frog legs

Still because of a video, but this time not a seafood culinary but frogs legs. Yes, in the year 2009 and then there is a video showing how the hoofed frog’s legs are still moving. Apparently it happened after the frog’s legs sprinkled with salt.

3. Shrimp Sushi

One restaurant in Japan provides a sushi shrimp menu or sushi shrimp that is served in a raw state. But the interesting menu of this one is located on the head of the shrimp are still moving when doused with Japanese soy sauce. The shrimp movement is like a dancer.

4. Dancing Squid Rice Bowl

Still from Japan, Ikkatei Tabiji restaurant located in Hakodate, Hokkaido has a mainstay menu that serves squid that can move and dance on a bowl.

But calmly, the squid served was dead. The movement occurs because of the reaction of Japanese soy sauce

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