4 Locations on Earth that Have a ‘Water of Miracles’,

In this world there are a number of amazing destinations, ranging from mountains, forests, historic buildings, sea, or lake.

Some places on earth can be spelled out amazing because it is surrounded by a charming landscape. But others are really amazing because of the natural phenomenon that can not be found elsewhere. here are 4 places on earth that have water wonders.

1. Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico

Puerto Mosquito is located on the southern coast of Vieques Island, Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico. Every liter of water in Puerto Mosquito is home to more than 720,000 single glossy, cellular organisms.

The creature is scattered on the surface of the water and shore with a luminous blue and white. The result is a scene like a neon light that lights from dusk until early morning.

2. Lake Plitvice, Croatia

Over hundreds of years, water flows over rocks around Lake Plitvice, Croatia. The water magically managed to form 16 lakes connected to each other, a number of caves, and waterfalls that number not just one.

The area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage national park with varied water colors. Starting from blue, green, to gray.

3. Rio Cano Cristales, Colombia

Rio Cano Cristales is a river located in Colombia. Every year between September and November, the river water turns red to blood. The red color comes from algae that flourish in river water. In fact, the algae become a vortex of colors, ranging from red, yellow, to blue.

4. Lake Abraham, Canada

Lake Abraham, located in Alberta, Canada, has a unique phenomenon every year. During the winter months of November and March, there is a phenomenon where there are bubbles beneath the surface of the water. The bubbles arise because the lake water is frozen due to winter.

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