4 Most Unique Post Offices in the World

Does my Short Route friend still often send letters or postcards in the traditional way through the post office? Apart from the sophistication of messaging technology, the existence of the post office still exists in almost all regions of the world.

do you know? if there are a number of world post offices that feature unique and distinctive. Let’s take a look at this unique post office!

1. Post Office Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Post office at the end of the world? Not so, this post office is precisely located at the most southern tip of the Americas, precisely at the tip of Argentina on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. Uniquely, the road to the post office is also not have a name. The post office has a small, simple building and is located at the end of the pier, on the edge of the sea. The exterior is decorated with dozens of stickers deliberately left behind by the visitors.

Because of its location at the most southern tip of America, this post office became one of the tourist destinations that turned out quite popular. Not only send letters, visitors can also buy special edition stamps and other souvenirs.

2. The Only Post Office Under the Sea, Hideaway Island, Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. The first (and only) undersea post office in the world, located in Vanuatu, was first opened in 2003. It lies 10 feet below the sea. To send postcards from here, the sender must of course dive – or ask the staff for help.

Take it easy, your postcard will not break. Postcards here are special, because they are waterproof. The patch is not with ink, but with an emboss device. The post office is marked with a special flag above sea level, just above the post office location.

3. Post Official Santa Claus, Lapland, Finland

The Santa Claus post office is located in the Village of Santa Claus, the Arctic Circle, about 8 km north of Rovaniemi, Lapland. This post office is the only official Santa Claus post office. The Santa’s post office is incorporated in the post office service of the Finnish government, but the staff working here are a team of elves who master a wide variety of languages. Every year, there are more than 600,000 letters received by Santa’s post offices from 150 countries.

The post office also receives visitors. If the Source Friends happens to chance to Santa’s post office, Comrade Resources can order a unique letter from Santa Claus, and this letter will be mailed to them right at Christmas. All letters, cards and parcels delivered from the post office cabin will be stamped with the Arctic Circle sign.

4. Highest Post Office in the World, Everest Base Camp, Tibet

The highest post office in the world is on Mount Everest, precisely in Tibet area. Its height is 17,388 feet above sea level, so it is only natural that the post office is known as the world’s tallest post office.

The mail delivery facility was built by China Post in 2008. But as Everest’s weather is harsh and unpredictable, Post Everest’s office is only open from April to August.

The post office only employs 3 staff. Because the location is quite remote, the cost to send a letter to be higher.

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