4 The Invention of Treasures That shocks the world

This vast hemisphere of Earth, many mysteries and historical stories that are true stories in the past of human civilization is extraordinary.

There are still many historical relics of the alampau which still holds a big question mark in the minds of the researchers and the world population.

Starting from ancient artifacts that are still in question of its origin, to the treasure trove of relics of the past whose economic value is unusually large, and even invaluable.

Fierce debates are still going on today, whether the treasure relics of the past are indeed purely because of natural disasters that hit, or indeed deliberately kept by the owners to be an investment in the future.

Here are some inventions of Treasures from various parts of the world that could shock people in the world.

1. Treasure of King Agamemnon in Greece.

The inventor of this legendary treasure is a renowned archaeologist named Heinrich Schliemann, who was also the one who once found the ancient Troy site on the Turkish mainland.

He was recorded to find a treasure that is believed to belong to one of the famous leaders of Greece named King Agamemnon.

King Agamemnon itself is a famous leader from Greece who once led the Trojan battle. The ancient tomb of King Agamemnon was discovered by Heinrick in mid-1876.

And the most amazing thing is in this legendary tomb he and his team managed to find five thick masks that are obviously made of pure gold.

Salah satu dari lima topeng tersebut ada sebuah topeng yang dihiasi dengan ukiran janggut. Topeng dengan hiasan janggut inilah yang diyakini sebagai Raja Agamemnon.

2. Sipan Treasures in Peru

The Sipan leader is one generation of the High Priest of the Moche tribal civilization who once triumphed on the Peruvian mainland.

In mid-1987, the tomb of the Sipan leader was successfully dismantled by archaeologists, and the discovery inside the tomb had made many researchers at that time surprised and amazed.

How not, right inside the tomb was found there are about 450 various kinds of jewelry made of pure gold, there are also some silver jewelry, as well as copper, and also the findings of textiles made of animal fur.

Findings on the jewelry is dominated by a type of jewelry made of pure gold, and the most steal the attention of researchers is the existence of a large human headpiece and shaped like a sickle.

This discovery could shock the world because of its very priceless value. And not only that, the discovery of treasure in peru is considered to have historical value that is also not infinite.

3. Treasure Ship “Eberswalde Hoard” in German waters

The “The Eberswalde Hoard” ship was discovered at the time of the esvakation process in the northeastern part of Berlin, in 1913. This treasure found in this ship is thought to have originated from the 11th or 10th centuries BC.

The treasure became the most valuable historical artifact, and is a valuable collection of the greatest prehistoric remains for the German state. The treasure found there has a total weight of 3 kg, consisting of 81 pieces of ancient objects made of pure gold, then there are also 60 spiral-shaped arm jewelry made of pure gold as well, then found 8 gold bowls, and also some pure gold bullion. The treasures are strongly believed to belong to a gold craftsman originally from the Siberian peninsula. Currently this treasure is stored in Russia, and the Germans are still trying to take possession of the property.

4. Treasures of Varna, Bulgaria (the oldest golden artifact in the world)

Ancient society of Varna was in the old days very well known as a society that many profession as a reliable gold craftsmen. So it is not surprising that in 1972 the researchers managed to find thousands of ancient Varna tombs dating from the era of bronze metal.

Apparently true, in the ancient tombs found many artifacts that are made of pure gold, it is believed also that these artifacts are as the oldest type of gold artifact on earth and the oldest in the human civilization as far as humanity.

Discovered as many as 22 thousand ancient tombs there and from the excavations that the researchers managed to collect about 3000 gold artifacts, the total weight can reach 6 kg.

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