5 natural attractions in greenland is very fascinating

for travelers visiting Europe is certainly not foreign anymore. Many historic buildings that became icons of tourism in Europe,, call it the Eifel Tower, Big Ben and the Tower of Pisa. Europe is indeed synonymous with the tourism civilization is so beautiful.

peek into the end of Europe, it turns out many natural tourist destinations that are not less beautiful. If you are bored with the metropolitan destinations that exist in Europe, you should try a natural tour.

Greenland is the largest island in the world located in the northern tip of Europe. Not many people know, if it turns out this island has an extraordinary natural charm. Despite being on the northern edge of the world, Greenland can be an alternative choice if you visit the European continent.

Curious as to what the sightings of nature tourism in Greenland? Let’s refer to the following summary

1. Close to the North Pole, you can enjoy the beautiful white iceberg on Ilulissat Iceberg Cruise

2. You can also see Whales, the largest mammals here. Cool? When else can see the Pope in this close distance. Yes it’s just on the Whale Watching Cruise.

3. This beautiful village of Kap Hope can only be reached by sea. The scenery is incredible, makes us want to visit it.

4. Wait, there’s more beautiful village surrounded by icy mountains and added exotic weeds in Qornok.

5. The white cross cemetery in Kulusuk looks very beautiful, though it is located in a small village. Visiting this place will make your day incredible.


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