5 Portrait of a mysterious well

Old buildings sometimes harbor a mysterious story that is unknown to many people. So mysterious, people can only guess the true story behind the construction of the building.

Like the Quinta da Regaleira building located in the city of Sintra, Portugal. This place has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, this place keeps a mysterious story. The reason is in the building that looks like this castle has a well as deep as 27 meters. But not to save water, but this well was once used as a place to hold secret rituals. Until now unsolved ritual what is often held in the well.

Here are five portraits of mysterious wells that used to be the place of secret rituals.

1. The well is located in the building of the castle Quinta da Regaleira located in the city of Sintra, Portugal.

2. Instead used to store water, well as deep as 27 meters was used to be used as a place to hold secret rituals.

3. Well named Initiation Well has two towers. One nine-story tower. This ninth digit has the meaning of 9 hell circles, 9 parts of Purgatory and 9 heaven which is heaven.

4. Another well tower which until now has not been completed. So often called unfinished wells.

5. At the bottom of this well has the ornaments of the cross of the knight.

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