6 Castles in Great Britain that Keep Myths Awful. How dare you to go there?

Short stay devoted Short Route, how about tonight a little story about the mystery of the unseen nature? This mysterious natural mystery relates to the architectural beauty of a building in the United Kingdom, especially if it is not talking about the Castle. Because it is in the UK identical to the castle and the mystery.

Yes! You know that the land of three lions is also known as the country of a thousand castles so many castles are still maintained and preserved by his government, whether in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Intrigued by these myths?

Come on, peep the story just in Short Route.

1. The ghost of the white woman in the castle was pierced by Berry Pomeroy, Devon

The Pomeroy Berry castle also serves as a castle, the most haunted castle in the United Kingdom. The horror of this castle can not be separated from the sad story behind the beauty of Berry Pomeroy. It is said that a lady named Lady Eleanor locked her sister Margaret Pomeroy in a castle basement for nearly two decades. Goddamn it, huh? The sad reason behind his cruel behavior was the jealousy and jealousy of Margaret’s beauty who was younger than he was.

It is also believed that Margaret eventually died of starvation for the wickedness of Lady Eleanor. This myth survives timelessly because of the rumors of many tourists who have seen the ghost of Margaret in a tower in the castle called St Margaret’s Tower. The ghost figure is said to have long hair loose and a completely white body. Instead of fear, it is said that those who managed to see the ghost of Margaret in Tower St. Margaret can overcome all the negative emotions they are immune to such as depression, anger and fear. Good heart ya Margaret. But, just keep this spooky, you know! Dare to travel there to visit Margaret Pomeroy?

2. Stealth troops at Castle Bodelwyddan, Wales

Bodelwyddan Castle was not too scary before Sir John Hay Williams found human bones near a chimney in 1829 at the castle. Sir John also ordered the massive restoration of the Bodelwyddan castle and added to the castle area at the discovery site of the bones.

From then on, people visiting the castle began to hear whispers, saw shadows and often saw stealth troops around the castle. For his sake, in 2004 Bodelwyddan castle had once entered a television show in the United Kingdom named “Most Haunted”.

3. Ghost of a headless child in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Remember the spooky story of the white elephant country, Thailand which is usually identical to the ghost of the head with the intestines uncovered without bodies? Well, in the UK there is also ya. The difference, if in Edinburgh, the ghost of a child is not without a body but without a head, often playing drums in the castle. Visitors often hear the faint sound of drums when no one is playing the musical instrument in the castle gebuk.

900-year-old castle built from the remains of this ancient volcano in Scotland also has a haunted dungeon, you know. The tourists often hear the sound of dog barks in the castle which is believed to come from a dog grave in the castle’s basement. Dare to go there?

4. Appearance of the blue boy in Chillingham, Northumberland

Another of the most haunted castles in England is the Chillingham castle, in Nothumberland. Guests visiting a pink room often see the appearance of a blue child all over his body. Not only that, visitors have heard the loud voice of the child, a blue circle of light that hangs over the bed until a flash of blue light. The growing rumor made the management of the castle finally do the renovation.

As a result after being renovated found the corpse of a man and a child buried in a rocky brick wall of the castle with a height of 10 feet. The apparition of the ghost is believed to be an effort notification to the visiting people as well as the castle that his body was kept in the castle walls. Therefore, after the renovated ghost of the blue boy stopped interrupting the visitors. Poor really huh? Ghosts also need justice, in order to be properly buried.

5. Editha’s “Valak” Ghost at Tamworth Castle, Staffordshire

Remember the ghostly figure of Valak in The Conjuring? Spooky, is not it? it turns out the ghostly nun ghost also exist in Staffordshire. More precisely in Tamworth castle. In fact the horror story behind the castle is double creepy. How can?

Visitors often see the ghost of a black and white woman. Both figures sometimes appear and speak at the base of the castle. The ghost of “Valak” is believed to be called Editha, a black nun who had been expelled from the monastery. Editha was angry and often haunted the castle. Meanwhile, the figure of a white woman is believed to have committed suicide because of her lover who was killed in a battle. Dare to see Editha there?

6. The ponytail and purple cloaked figure in Dunluce, Northern Ireland

Books that move themselves and live radio alone? Mainstream really if these scenes are in horror movies that you often watch. But, this one is not in the movie you know.

Yes! This is real. Spooky story from Dunluce Castle located in the state of Northern Ireland. The castle is situated on the edge of the north cliffs of the famous beaches of Northern Ireland namely Antrim Beach. Visitors often see the appearance of purple robes and tied hair that roam at the base of the castle.

This creepy myth is certainly not separated from the history behind it. Known in 1586, there was a big feud of the castle’s family, causing the police handling to be killed in the dispute. Not only that, in the year 1639 even the kitchen of the castle is very jutting into the sea collapsed causing death to some servants who happened to be in the kitchen.

Therefore, visitors who usually visit the kitchen area that has been rebuilt often shiver. Employee testimony in the gift shop that often sees the book moving back to its original place and the live radio itself adds to the excitement of the story behind the beauty of the castle.

Such are some of the frightening stories behind the beauty of the castles in the land of a thousand castles. Do not be afraid, you know! Myth is also a part of the history of the past that must remain respected, valued and preserved in order to be an interesting story for future grandchildren. Does not appreciate history as well as respecting the nation itself?

So, dare to brave it there?

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