6 Snack Hits, made from Potatoes

Currently, began to emerge a variety of foods that are often referred to as a contemporary snack. The appearance of this contemporary snack even shifted the popularity of traditional snacks

Nevertheless both are still popular with the community, given the taste that does not disappoint. Various ingredients are used to make contemporary snacks, one potato. For that, following shortroute.info recommend six contemporary ingredients based potato.

1. Tornado Potatoes

As the name implies, tornado potatoes are made of thin, thinly spiral-like potatoes. Installed on a bamboo skewer, tornado potatoes cooked by frying and seasoned.

2. Hash Brown

Hash brown is an American breakfast menu made from potatoes grated roughly or chopped. Potato dough is then formed rounded flat and fried until golden yellow.

3. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes are usually available in the restaurant as a substitute for rice. This food is made from potatoes added with margarine as a flavor enhancer.

4. Potatoes wedges

Potato wedges have almost the same shape with fries. The difference lies in how to cook baked potato wedges using oven.

5. Potatoes Gratin

Derived from Europe, potato gratin is made from thinly cut potatoes and fed with milk, cream, and cheese. Cooked by baking, potato gratin at first glance looks like roasted macaroni.

6. Naughty fries

Naughty fries in the form of French fries served with a variety of ingredients, ranging from fried onions, beef chilli, béarnaise sauce, to parmesan cheese. Naughty fries are popular in many countries

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