7 Horrible Things Ever Found in the Cave

There are many unexpected things you can find in the cave. Do not imagine there’s only bats and stalactites. Some things beyond reason are hidden there. here are seven strange things found in the cave.

1. Underwater virtual tribe cave

In 2008, a puzzling labyrinth of pyramids and a stone temple was found in Mexico. The most confusing part is that some tunnels are entirely submerged in water.

Most people believe that the tunnel is a cave system built by the ancient Maya people as a tribute to their beliefs. Until now no one dared to try to dive deep into it.

2. Romania Poison Cave

After 500 million years closed, some local surveyors deliberately opened a giant toxic cave. Because of the poison, this Romanian cave dare not enter anyone.

The smell of rotting and poison gas was stinging inside. However, this cave is still inhabited by various species such as spiders, scorpions and centipedes.

3. Lemurs giant

A surprising discovery of animal remains is found in an underwater cave in Madagascar. The divers discover the bones of an extinct giant lemur. The bone was buried under water. The size is almost the same as the gorilla.

4. The deepest tunnel

Ellison in Northwest Georgia is the twelfth cave in America. Its length reaches 586 feet to the ground.  It took a long time to get to the bottom.

5. Screaming mummy

Not just any mummy found in this cave, the mummy that is as fleeting as torment. The horror expressions look sad.

6. Worms

Worms in the cave Waitomo, New Zealand is quite unique. Because it can glow in the dark. Glimpse like a collection of stars in the sky.

7. Tableware from the skull

A strange skull remains found in a cave in the English countryside. The skull is shaped like cutlery, glassware, and so on. This proves if cannibalism has occurred in the era of modern humans.

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