7 Most Expensive Foods in the World! Are You Interested to Taste it?

For culinary connoisseurs, a place to eat that provides unique menus is definitely a must to try. But have you ever thought about tasting fantastic priced food? Because not limited to taste, there are also some types of foods sold at high prices thanks to the uniqueness of the. Like some of the foods below, ranging from the price of millions to hundreds of millions of Rupiah, these 7 foods successfully hold the title as the most expensive food in the world. Have you ever tried?

1. Chicken Meat $ 2,900

Chicken meat with a fantastic price per tail is a chicken of Chicken Cemani type, which comes from Temanggung, Indonesia. Chicken Cemani is a type of chicken that has a black color, not only the fur and even the look of the meat. Cemani chicken prices can be quite expensive because this chicken is very rare and difficult to find.

2. Matsutake Mushrooms Worth $ 1,000 /Kg

Matsutake mushrooms are still one species in the Kingdom Fungi category. This fungus can only grow in places that have relatively low temperatures, such as Japan, China, and Korea. For each kilogram, this mushroom sells for $ 1,000. Matsutake mushrooms can not be cultivated, and can only grow naturally in the wild. Because of this also, Matsutake mushroom population increasingly rare from year to year which resulted in higher selling value.

3. La Bonnotte French Origin Potato Worth $ 1,600 /Kg

Potato La Bonnotte has a price of $ 1600 dollars. This type of potatoes can only grow on the island of Noirmoutier, an island off the west coast of France. Every year, this potato harvest is only around 100 tons. This is because the La Bonnotte potato type can only be grown in the traditional way. The fertilizer used in the process of potato maintenance is also special, because it uses fertilizer from algae and seaweed.

4. Densuke Black Watermelon Japan $ 6,100 /Kg

Interested in trying this fruits? If so, you need to taste the Watermelon Densuke. Japanese fruits are priced at $ 6100. Densuke is a watermelon that has a dark black skin, but not with the color of the fruit. Watermelon Densuke comes from Toma City, Hokkaido Islands, Japan. This type of watermelon can only grow in volcanic soil. In addition, according to people who have tasted it, the sweetness of this watermelon has a level that fits and freshness is different than watermelon in general. Another thing that makes this watermelon dibanderol with fantastic prices, is the amount of production is very limited. Even every year there are only 10,000 watermelons that can grow. Although sold at high prices, but many people are willing to go all the way to Hokkaido to taste this watermelon

5. White Truffle $ 8,750 /Kg

Another type of mushroom that has exorbitant prices. That is White Truffle from the Piedmont region, northern Italy. One factor that makes White Truffle mushroom is very expensive is the limited number of mushrooms because cultivation is quite difficult. The reason, this fungus can only be planted in forests located in Northern Italy in September and December alone. Usually White Truffle Mushroom is processed as one of the compositions in various types of luxury food served restaurant of international standard.

6. Japanese Melon, $ 20,000

Another Japanese fruit that has a fantastic price, Yubari King Melon. At first glance, this melon fruit shape does look like a melon in general. Bebentuk round with skin young green and orange fruit flesh old. Yubari King was developed in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan. This melon is the result of a cross between two types of orange melon grown in a greenhouse. The fruit is commonly sold with this stalk has a very soft and juicy meat taste and has a distinctive aroma. Melon fruit ever auctioned and sold for $ 20,000

7. Almas Caviar €20.000 /Kg

Almas caviar is the production of Sturgeon Albino fish eggs or rare Beluga fish from Iran, which is about 60-100 years old. The habitat of these fish is commonly found in the southern Caspian Sea, which is known to have low pollution levels. In addition comes from a rare species of fish, this type of caviar can also be taken only at certain times. Caviar itself is generally served in raw or still egg-shaped. For the price, Almas Caviar sold € 20,000 /kg

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