7 Most Extraordinary Bathroom

Lodging around the world bring a variety of cool looks to attract tourists. There are many things that are in the hotel bathroom.Some hotels offer a nice bathtub or a very different concept.

The bathrooms offer a pampering sight. Here are 7 coolest bathrooms according to ShortRoute.info

1. Malmaison in Birmingham, England

The bathroom at Malmaison has a 1970s disco theme. Rooms at this inn will make visitors like rock stars.

2. The Beck Creek Cave in Arkansas

This 260-acre cave-style resort offers breathtaking views like being inside a cave. When you visit the bathroom also has the same theme.

3. Celebrity Reflection

The corner in the bathroom has a very attractive glass panel while showering. This bathroom overlooks the sea. It makes the bathing person can see the sea directly. This unique bath is designed on a Celebrity Reflection ship.

4. Atlantis in Dubai

This five-star hotel in Dubai is well-rated. The hotel’s bathroom is located in a glass panel that gives the illusion of being in the ocean when only being in a large aquarium.

5. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, Italy

The bathroom area is decorated like being in a century of enlightenment or the Renaissance.

6. Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone, London

The bathtub is made using a combination piece of antique and marble furniture. The bathrooms are very eccentric, guys.

7. The Aman in Tokyo, Japan

The bathroom at this place is on the sixth floor with beautiful city views.

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