7 Most Unique Foods Museum in the World

Museum. Hearing his name alone we definitely think it’s a boring place. Indeed, the museum is identical with places that store documents or pre-history items. But now the museum is not just about that alone. There are many different types of interesting museums out there. One of them is a food museum.

Starting from the museum of French fries to museums in Japan ramen, this is the 7 most unique food museum in the world that must be visited by the culinary lover.

1. Friet museum, Belgia

The museum consists of three parts. First visitors will be taken to trace the history of potatoes and one of its processed, French fries with about 400 ancient objects are displayed.
Then at the end of the tour, visitors can also taste the various variants of fries that must be really good.

2. National Mustard Museum, Wisconsin, USA

In this museum there are more than 5,676 mustard collections originating from 50 states and more than 70 countries.
Visitors can see old school ads of mustard products to samples of mustard packs from the past.

3. Dutch Cheese Museum, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Known as ‘The Town of Cheese’, Alkmaar is basically a mecca for all cheese lovers. Besides being famous for its cheerleading market, Alkmaar also has the Dutch Cheese Museum. Here visitors can learn about how to make two of the most famous types of Dutch cheese, Edammer and Gouda.

4. Jell-O Museum, New York, USA

In this museum we can get knowledge about the history of the formation of the Jell-O company to the ad and packaging of the old brand that was formed in 1897.

5. Kimchikan Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Returning from this museum, our knowledge about the types of kimchi from various regions and how to manufacture will surely increase.
We will also learn about the important influence of these traditional fermented foods on Korean cultural and culinary developments.

6. Ramen Shin Museum, Yokohama, Japan

The first floor will take visitors to the history of ramen creation.
While on the ground floor visitors can enjoy different ramen dish from the Nine restaurants that represent each region of Japan.
Uniquely, the ground floor was created as a replica of the street background in 1958, just when the first instant ramen was created.

7. York’s Chocolate Story, UK

This chocolate museum invites visitors to explore the chocolate industry travel in the city of York, England since almost 300 years ago.
Uniquely here, we can see directly the attraction of chocolate experts in processing chocolate in the Factory Zone. Not even just watching, we can also come to make


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