7 most unique streets in the world

Each country must have a highway to access liaison between citizens within the territory of the country. Mostly in a country, roads or streets in residential complexes are straight and flat to be easily accessible by road users and vehicles.

But some countries also have unique streets with unusual scenery. Here are 7 unique streets that exist in various countries in the world.

1. Chefchaouen, Maroko

For those of you who like blue, you may need to go to Morocco. In Chefchaouen you will see many roads, walls, and doors of houses filled with blue. The Jewish refugees who lived there since the 1930s painted the blue of all the houses. The surrounding mountains and the relaxed atmosphere of the city also add to Chefchaouen’s charm. No wonder, the city is always crowded with foreign tourists.

2. Atlantic Road, Norwey

Atlantic Road is a five kilometer stretch of bridge from the road connecting Molde and Kristiansund in the country. This street was voted the best construction in Norway in this century. The road is spectacular with the rise and slide of the road at sea at high tide. In addition to the tremendous road itself, the surrounding landscape can provide an attraction in itself.

3. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

13 local villagers build these tunnels in just five years, located in the Taihang Mountains, Hunan Province, China. Many villagers lost their lives in accidents during the construction of these tunnels, but in 1977, the road was opened to traffic.

The tunnel road has a height of 5 meters and a width of 4 meters and carved from the mountain with a height of 1200 meters, is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This is a very beautiful route and is dubbed as a road that does not tolerate mistakes and main goals on the Chinese tourism map.

4. Savoy Court, UK

UK implements rules for road users to walk on the left. But for the streets of Savoy Court, Britain requires road users to drive at the right pace. This street is famous for the Savoy luxury hotel. This hotel roundabout is only 8 meters wide, therefore only reliable drivers can pass this way.

5. Kelok 9, Indonesia

Indonesia has a winding road 9. Apparently this road is a bridge with a length of 943 meters and there is connecting road along 2,089 meters. This street is located in the province of Sumatra which was built because the road conditions were previously narrow and winding. As a result, large vehicles that pass through it are forced to stop a lot because of turns.

6. Lombard Street, US

The road in San Francisco is very famous for having 8 sharp and steep bends. In fact, for pedestrians too, this street is quite dangerous. The reason, there is a climb reaches 16 degrees. Nevertheless, the streets are always busy visited by foreign tourists.

7. Floating Umbrella Street, Portugal

in Portugal. They use umbrellas for general street decoration. Actually these umbrellas are part of the Agitaguenda art festival. However, it is precisely the more tourists make more happy, because it has available shade. The streets are even more beautiful because of the colorful umbrella. Well that’s the 7 most unique way in the world. If you are curious to feel the sensation through the streets, visit there, and do not forget to remain cautious if driving for safety awake.

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