Abandoned Olympic venues in the World

Happy re-activity, morale working on Monday. Short Route will accompany you with articles that rarely come to mind for all of us. What is that? Ie abandoned Olympic venues.

We all know the Olympic events are always celebrated with and great, almost all the sports in the world are contested in the annual Olympic games. And every elected country will surely nominate the greatest athlete in terms of the contested sport. In addition the sports stadiums in all lines are built majestically, to show the quality of technology and the advancement of the nation’s economy. It is very reasonable to do in all sports arena, like his world cup.

All this time we just think, that the magnificent place will remain well maintained and used as when there is a grand event of the Olympiad. But apparently not a few are abandoned after the big Olympic event is over, and it looks like romps, and haunted buildings or war bins.

On the one hand it is concerned that the situation is turning 180 °, but on the other hand becomes a unique & interesting museum to visit, let alone the photographer and creative worker, which requires inspiration, sample, for his work.

For the traveler, this can also be a tourist destination. Call it a world tour footprint the glory of the World Olympiad. It is not too much, but it all makes our minds open that the most grand activity will leave a beautiful and miserable history story. All have to walk balanced, to keep spinning on its axis.

And following Short Route will show a bit of gallery where abandoned Olympic Games around the world, hopefully this can be an inspiration or even an afterthought to take the wisdom of all this. Last word good morning, congratulations back, Success always, and do not forget to picnic if you have time.


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