Atlantis to Zealandia, 5 Most Mysterious Island in the World in the Past is Now Lost

Hi my friend Short Route ever heard the term Lost lands? Namely a term that means the islands, continents or regions that were supposed to have existed in the past, but are now drowning or mysteriously disappearing. Its existence is even still debated today. And these are the 5 mysterious islands.

1. Hy-Brasil

Hy-Brasil is a legendary island, and one of the oldest land lost in legend. It has been found on maps of the 1300s and has been spoken for hundreds of years since then. Irish folklore describes the island as always foggy. The fog will only disappear once every seven years.

Although seen, it is still difficult to visit. An expedition from Bristol was done in 1480. In 1497 a letter was sent from the expedition and said the land they found had been discovered in the past by people from Bristol.

Captain John Nisbet claimed to have visited the island, and said if the island is filled with giant black rabbits, and a magician who lives in a stone castle.

2. Zealandia

Zealandia is a continental submarine fragment. This continent sank after breaking away from Australia, 60 to 85 million years ago.

Zealandia is the largest micro continent in the world. This island has an area of 4.92 million square kilometers, 93% of the island is submerged beneath the surface of the sea, which is probably because of it, why the island is very unknown among the people.

3. Doggerland

Doggerland used to connect Britain to mainland Europe before flooding from 6,500 to 6,200 years ago. This country was once inhabited by thousands of settlers from the stone age.

The remains of mammoths, lions, and many prehistoric tools have been found by ships in the area. University of Bradford has set out to reconstruct this submerged state. They recently discovered a forest, believed to be part of Doggerland, and in the forest they found to be 7,000 years old. Perhaps Doggerland has a rich habitat that is eventually destroyed by rising sea levels, and possibly tsunamis.

4. Atlantis

Being the most famous, and amazing of all the lost ground. The existence of Atlantis continues to be debated until now. Some think of it as a myth. Others believe if the island really exists. Some even claim to know where it is.

Atlantis is said to be a great city, but disliked by gods, and sinks to the bottom of the ocean as a result of this. Some underwater cities have been found, all of which Atlantis claims. Then is it really the underwater city that Atlantis discovered? It’s hard to say. Many people argue that the legend was created as an allegory by Plato, and it simply does not exist.

The ocean has not been explored, is it possible that Atlantis is somewhere?

5. Shambhala

Shambhala is a paradise island that appears in Buddhist and Hindu texts.
It is said to be a hidden paradise, where its inhabitants never grow old or sick.Found in 2007 by a team of archaeologists.

The kingdom turned out to be a large cave complex in Nepal.
In Buddhist mythology, Shambhala is governed by Maitreya, the future Buddha.

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