10 Places to See Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis

Apparently, the aurora there are two kinds: First, aurora borealis or northern lights. Second, aurora australis or southern lights. There are only a few places to see aurora borealis and aurora australis, which is in the northernmost regions of the earth and the southernmost regions of the earth.

Aurora borealis is usually seen when the sky looks darker and brighter without clouds, between September and October, as well as March and April. While the aurora australis usually seen around March. If you want to see the aurora’s beauty live at least once in a lifetime, you need to know the list of places to see the aurora and the best time to watch it:

1. Alaska, US

The state of Alaska in the northern tip of the United States is the place to see the best aurora. There are three favorite spots to watch aurora borealis in Alaska: Fairbanks, Anchorage and Denali. But the best spot is Fairbanks.

In the city of Fairbanks there is the University of Alaska which usually issued reports on the occurrence of the appearance of auroras and their conditions. In Fairbanks there is also a hot spring, which is the best place to warm up while watching aurora borealis.

The best time to watch aurora borealis in Alaska is between December and March. The darker the more auroral sparks can be seen, especially between 10 pm and 3 am. Continue reading “10 Places to See Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis”

10 The Landscape of Nature is True and Real in the World

The earth is full of beautiful natural scenery as well as amazing. Some have been formed naturally for thousands of years, but some are man-made. Even some of the sights we think are unlikely to happen, but the real reality is there. Here are some natural scenery on Earth that we can not believe.

1. Natural hot springs, Denizli Province, western Turkey

There is a storied natural hot springs in the province of Denizli, western Turkey dating from the 2nd century BC. From afar, these hot springs formed by calcite in the water look like stunning white clouds. Continue reading “10 The Landscape of Nature is True and Real in the World”

10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop

Nowadays to get nice photos there is a wide range of applications. Applications like Photoshop are often used by some to create a variety of cool photos. Technology can indeed create something cool.

But make no mistake, nature is always bringing things very amazing to see. Some of these images are thought to be fake.
In fact, these pictures are amazing and make many people stunned. Check out the photos below “10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop”

1. Mountain View

Seattle is an energetic city of coffee toasters, music to software companies.
In the photo above you can see Mount Rainer as it hangs over the clouds. This photo is not an edit but only the luck of the photographer. Continue reading “10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop”

10 Islands with Unique Shapes in the World

The island is a plot of land smaller than the continent and larger than the coral that is surrounded by sea water. While a collection of several islands called islands or islands. Some islands of course have its own unique variety, both from flora and fauna contained in it. The following are examples of islands that have uniqueness in their form.

1. Spratly Islands, Asia

The Spratly Islands is a disputed island. Because the island offers rich fishing grounds and may contain oil and natural gas reserves.
There are actually only four square kilometers of land with six countries lurking the island’s territorial claims. Most of these islands are uninhabited.

But when looking at this island, a boomerang shaped boomerang.
The best way to see the shape of the boomerang is to fly directly on it, but it depends on the season and current flow. Continue reading “10 Islands with Unique Shapes in the World”

5 rivers of the world are instagramable

For enthusiasts the atmosphere is cool, beautiful, even enjoy the beauty while traveling on the water. River tourism in the world is undeniable at this time has become one of the tourist destinations to visit even researchers even though.

For those of you who are looking for a holiday recommendation on a beautiful river. Here ShortRoute.info has summarized several rivers from the Nile to Mekong that conquered visitors thanks to its beauty.

1. The Amazon River

The Amazon River is located in South America with a length of up to 6,992 km and the largest water flow in the world. The Amazon Basin is an Amazonian rainforest, with abundant fauna and flora. Continue reading “5 rivers of the world are instagramable”

6 Places in the Famous World for Film Background

In order to strengthen the storyline delivered, of course the location of a movie shooting carefully selected in order to produce a stunning visual. Depending on the needs of the story, some use a location of open nature or specific buildings that have certain characteristics.

After the release of the film on the market and watched the movie lovers, these places are also becoming increasingly known more widely. Not rarely, the location of his shooting was used as a tourist destination busy attracted by local or international tourists.

Approximately, which places become increasingly famous thanks to dijadiin filming location? Check it out, yes! Perhaps one day you want to make one of the tourist destinations for a vacation later! Continue reading “6 Places in the Famous World for Film Background”

Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World

One of the tourist that is inviting attention is the natural attractions of waterfalls, the beauty of shape and altitude become its own attraction, the waterfall is also something that is very rare in the world, not every country has a waterfall, so the waterfall natural attractions become one of the destinations favorite.

No wonder if very many tourists want to find out just where the natural attractions of the beautiful waterfalls in the world, which will be the destination or next tourist target. Here ShortRoute.info show 10 natural beauty waterfalls in the world.

1. Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is one country that has some very beautiful waterfalls, a country that has an Atlantic climate with rain and snow that very often occur near the north pole, if the summer arrives then the existing glaciers will melt, thus creating rivers even rare waterfall with strong water strength and beautiful nature.

This waterfall is also famous for the strength of water fall, water from the river Jokulsa stream also comes from the glacier. The strength of this waterfall is known at 500 cubic meters per second and depending on the season. Waterfall width about 100 meters with a height of 44 meters. Continue reading “Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World”

Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World

Slovenia presents a different Europe. If most European countries are famous for history, old buildings, architecture, art and scientific progress then Slovenia is very famous for its stretch of nature.

Bordered by Italy to the west and Austria to the north, Slovenia, a coastal sub-Alpine country in southern Central Europe, is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Although no one knows exactly the location of the ‘tip of the world’, but in Slovenia, there is a beautiful lake named Lake Bohinj dubbed ‘Lake at the End of the World’. Continue reading “Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World”

5 Most Beautiful Roads in the World

In every passing journey, of course we will feel bored once in a while. Especially if the traffic jams, we will definitely feel bored and sleepy because along the way that only seen a variety of vehicles. But what if around the road just plain beautiful scenery? Surely we will not get bored and eyes are awake instead is not it? Where are the streets with the most beautiful scenery?

1. Going To The Sun Road, USA

Going To The Sun Road is a spectacler road along the 80 km. The two-way street splits Glacier National Park, from East to West. Going to the Sun’s wide road runs through the park and through Logan Pass. In 1985, the Going to the Sun road entered the US National Register of Historic Places list. Continue reading “5 Most Beautiful Roads in the World”