5 rivers of the world are instagramable

For enthusiasts the atmosphere is cool, beautiful, even enjoy the beauty while traveling on the water. River tourism in the world is undeniable at this time has become one of the tourist destinations to visit even researchers even though.

For those of you who are looking for a holiday recommendation on a beautiful river. Here ShortRoute.info has summarized several rivers from the Nile to Mekong that conquered visitors thanks to its beauty.

1. The Amazon River

The Amazon River is located in South America with a length of up to 6,992 km and the largest water flow in the world. The Amazon Basin is an Amazonian rainforest, with abundant fauna and flora. Continue reading “5 rivers of the world are instagramable”

Prepare to Fall in Love 7 Villages on the Most Beautiful Hill Peak in Italy

1. Civita

Why do some people like to build a village on a hilltop? Maybe one of the goals is because … yeah, you see yourself the photo above. The scenery is cute! The village that looks like in this fairy tale book was built more than 2,500 years ago. Because it is located in volcanic mountains that are prone to earthquakes, this once-expansive hill is finally eroded until it remains as little as it is now. Continue reading “Prepare to Fall in Love 7 Villages on the Most Beautiful Hill Peak in Italy”

6 Places in the Famous World for Film Background

In order to strengthen the storyline delivered, of course the location of a movie shooting carefully selected in order to produce a stunning visual. Depending on the needs of the story, some use a location of open nature or specific buildings that have certain characteristics.

After the release of the film on the market and watched the movie lovers, these places are also becoming increasingly known more widely. Not rarely, the location of his shooting was used as a tourist destination busy attracted by local or international tourists.

Approximately, which places become increasingly famous thanks to dijadiin filming location? Check it out, yes! Perhaps one day you want to make one of the tourist destinations for a vacation later! Continue reading “6 Places in the Famous World for Film Background”

to the World’s Most Beautiful Air Balloon Tour

Some places in the world are very beautiful seen from the sky. Not from the plane window of course, the sailor is a hot air balloon. The panorama lies clear as you pierce the thin layer of clouds in the sky. It feels magical!

shortroute.info summarizes the 5 most beautiful destinations for a hot air balloon ride. These places are not only beautiful when explored directly on the mainland but also from the air. From Canada to Cambodia, the following 5 destinations:

1. Cappadocia, Turki Continue reading “to the World’s Most Beautiful Air Balloon Tour”

Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World

One of the tourist that is inviting attention is the natural attractions of waterfalls, the beauty of shape and altitude become its own attraction, the waterfall is also something that is very rare in the world, not every country has a waterfall, so the waterfall natural attractions become one of the destinations favorite.

No wonder if very many tourists want to find out just where the natural attractions of the beautiful waterfalls in the world, which will be the destination or next tourist target. Here ShortRoute.info show 10 natural beauty waterfalls in the world.

1. Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is one country that has some very beautiful waterfalls, a country that has an Atlantic climate with rain and snow that very often occur near the north pole, if the summer arrives then the existing glaciers will melt, thus creating rivers even rare waterfall with strong water strength and beautiful nature.

This waterfall is also famous for the strength of water fall, water from the river Jokulsa stream also comes from the glacier. The strength of this waterfall is known at 500 cubic meters per second and depending on the season. Waterfall width about 100 meters with a height of 44 meters. Continue reading “Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World”

4 Most Unique Post Offices in the World

Does my Short Route friend still often send letters or postcards in the traditional way through the post office? Apart from the sophistication of messaging technology, the existence of the post office still exists in almost all regions of the world.

do you know? if there are a number of world post offices that feature unique and distinctive. Let’s take a look at this unique post office!

1. Post Office Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Continue reading “4 Most Unique Post Offices in the World”

5 Very Beautiful Villages

The village is famous for its quiet, and green. These villages not only have all three, but also no less beautiful with the big cities in the world.

In fact, these villages are able to make any visiting tourists do not want to go home. This place is too beautiful. No wonder when all the travelers from all over the world visit these very beautiful villages. Here are 5 super beautiful villages in the world.

1.Hallstat, Austria

Located in Hallstätter See, Hallstat Village is part of the Dachstein Cultural, one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria. It is in the mountains and tourists can relax by the lake. Continue reading “5 Very Beautiful Villages”