From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica

Everyday, Landsat satellites orbiting the planet take pictures of things like changes in world cities seen from space, big fires, melting glaciers, and more.

Among these curious photographs are the Adelie penguin population in Antarctica. This unusual task is the work of NASA scientist Mathew Schwaller, who reasoned in 1984 that penguins spent much of the organic waste, so scientists could estimate the size of the population from outer space, with a full guano content on white ice. Continue reading “From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica”

10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World

The bridge is used to connect two opposite and far-flung places. Therefore, the bridge looted over the river, sea, until the ravine. In the past, this building can only be wooden bridge for the river bridge, then replaced with stones because it is stronger.

Over time, the bridge was built with charming design and construction as well as from stronger materials. As a result, they can still survive and can be used until now. Of course, this row of connections can be an instagenic photo spot and make your knees shake badly on top of it. Continue reading “10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World”

traveling with dogs and cats

Cats and dogs are often likened to both animals that never get along. Even so I never get along, both will be very difficult to be maintained together. Because both cats and dogs have different characters.

But unlike the case of friendship between cats and dogs this one. Both are equally visible like brothers. The dog named Henry and the cat named Baloo is the second animal owned by Avid Cynthia Bennett who is a woman who likes to travel.

Avid Cynthia Bennet initially adopted Henry before finally deciding to keep the Siamese cats. Baloo itself was adopted at the age of 5 months. He is already familiarized living side by side with Henry and play together. Even Bennet deliberately invite both to traveling together. Well, here are some photos of their togetherness when traveling that looks very familiar and adorable.

1. Introduce this is Henry (dog) and Baloo (cat) which is the second animal with a hobby of traveling

Continue reading “traveling with dogs and cats”

Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World

Slovenia presents a different Europe. If most European countries are famous for history, old buildings, architecture, art and scientific progress then Slovenia is very famous for its stretch of nature.

Bordered by Italy to the west and Austria to the north, Slovenia, a coastal sub-Alpine country in southern Central Europe, is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Although no one knows exactly the location of the ‘tip of the world’, but in Slovenia, there is a beautiful lake named Lake Bohinj dubbed ‘Lake at the End of the World’. Continue reading “Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World”

5 Best Freediving Places in Southeast Asia

Hi buddy short route, for you freediving fans, Southeast Asia becomes one of the most favored places. Some places in the region are recognized as a haven of freediving enthusiasts, here are the 5 best freediving spots in Southeast Asia. Freediving itself is a way to dive into the water without using a breathing apparatus as usual, for that freediving activity is highly dependent on how a person dives.

For some people, freediving is a way to enjoy the depths of the ocean without having to carry as much equipment as a respirator. Some others think freediving is a way to blend with the sea and nature, others to express themselves. here are the 5 best freediving places in Southeast Asia:

1. Amed, Bali (Indonesia) 

Bali is already very famous in the world as a favorite tourist destination, even some foreign citizens are willing to settle in Bali because of its beauty. The fishing village located in East Bali is one of the most famous freediving places in Indonesia, the village is named Amed. With so many freediving options available, Amed is the best freediving place you can find.

Amed is one of the dive sites in the presence of Japanese ships (Japanese Wreck), so you will be able to find a variety of marine animals in it. April and November are the best times if you want to visit Amed. Continue reading “5 Best Freediving Places in Southeast Asia”

10 best swimming spots in the world with amazing nature

Enjoying fresh air while wetting the body will be an interesting activity to eliminate fatigue. Do you want to know the best place to swim?

If you think it is a man-made pool, it seems like you really need a picnic in nature and come to the natural swimming pool while traveling.

Lake, river, flooded cave to bay can be a cool place to soak and enjoy the beauty of nature. Especially when the summer comes, drowning the body in the clarity of water will bring the sensation of relaxation.

From Giola in Greece to the iconic Hamilton Pool in Texas, the Short Route summarizes 10 of the best natural swimming pools in the world, for all of you

1. Salto Bierge, Spanyol

Salto Bierge is located in Sierra y Canones de Guara National Park in Northeastern Spain. This natural swimming pool is semicircular with beautiful view of waterfall as high as 10 meters. Continue reading “10 best swimming spots in the world with amazing nature”

6 best diving spots in the world, you should try

Coral reefs are home to fish. The many types of fish in other coral reefs into beautiful scenery when there is activity diving or snorkeling. Here’s the best diving spot in the world:

1. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

This is her most tourist spot became a byword since 2011. Being in West Papua, the beauty of nature under the sea Raja Ampat has been famous to foreign countries. Not infrequently also foreign tourists deliberately come to Indonesia just to taste the beautiful nature under the sea of Raja Ampat. Continue reading “6 best diving spots in the world, you should try”

5 Most Beautiful Roads in the World

In every passing journey, of course we will feel bored once in a while. Especially if the traffic jams, we will definitely feel bored and sleepy because along the way that only seen a variety of vehicles. But what if around the road just plain beautiful scenery? Surely we will not get bored and eyes are awake instead is not it? Where are the streets with the most beautiful scenery?

1. Going To The Sun Road, USA

Going To The Sun Road is a spectacler road along the 80 km. The two-way street splits Glacier National Park, from East to West. Going to the Sun’s wide road runs through the park and through Logan Pass. In 1985, the Going to the Sun road entered the US National Register of Historic Places list. Continue reading “5 Most Beautiful Roads in the World”

Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image

Our Earth actually has so many amazing places, both exposed and unexpected. Some of them have become official tourist attractions that never deserted tourists. Magic places in the world is often considered the result of digital engineering because it was so incredible.

This incredible view and natural phenomenon, no doubt many people do not believe it before seeing it directly. Actually, the variety of magical tours in this world formed naturally since lasted millions of years ago.

Magic tour in this world visited by many who are curious about its authenticity. If bored with mainstream attractions, these places are worth a visit:

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

magical tours in a world that is suitable to be visited with a partner. This place is quite popular in Klevan, Ukraine. Continue reading “Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image”

7 places the most beautiful in the world but dangerous

Morning buddy Short Route, keep the spirit and work do not forget the picnic on holiday. This short Route will present an amazing but very potential sight to kill anyone approaching.

There are thousands of beautiful places in this world, but some of them are quite dangerous to visit. Even potentially killing those who try to approach him. and here are the 7 most dangerous places that have the most beautiful scenery in the world.

1. Saltstraumen – Norwegia

Saltstraumen is a small strait located in Norway.
Not an easy matter to reach these waters. The tidal currents are so strong and plus there is a gigantic vortex that can cause serious problems on the way. Continue reading “7 places the most beautiful in the world but dangerous”