Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World

One of the tourist that is inviting attention is the natural attractions of waterfalls, the beauty of shape and altitude become its own attraction, the waterfall is also something that is very rare in the world, not every country has a waterfall, so the waterfall natural attractions become one of the destinations favorite.

No wonder if very many tourists want to find out just where the natural attractions of the beautiful waterfalls in the world, which will be the destination or next tourist target. Here show 10 natural beauty waterfalls in the world.

1. Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is one country that has some very beautiful waterfalls, a country that has an Atlantic climate with rain and snow that very often occur near the north pole, if the summer arrives then the existing glaciers will melt, thus creating rivers even rare waterfall with strong water strength and beautiful nature.

This waterfall is also famous for the strength of water fall, water from the river Jokulsa stream also comes from the glacier. The strength of this waterfall is known at 500 cubic meters per second and depending on the season. Waterfall width about 100 meters with a height of 44 meters. Continue reading “Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World”

4 Most Unique Post Offices in the World

Does my Short Route friend still often send letters or postcards in the traditional way through the post office? Apart from the sophistication of messaging technology, the existence of the post office still exists in almost all regions of the world.

do you know? if there are a number of world post offices that feature unique and distinctive. Let’s take a look at this unique post office!

1. Post Office Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Continue reading “4 Most Unique Post Offices in the World”

5 Very Beautiful Villages

The village is famous for its quiet, and green. These villages not only have all three, but also no less beautiful with the big cities in the world.

In fact, these villages are able to make any visiting tourists do not want to go home. This place is too beautiful. No wonder when all the travelers from all over the world visit these very beautiful villages. Here are 5 super beautiful villages in the world.

1.Hallstat, Austria

Located in Hallstätter See, Hallstat Village is part of the Dachstein Cultural, one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria. It is in the mountains and tourists can relax by the lake. Continue reading “5 Very Beautiful Villages”

10 Travel Destinations This World is Expected To Immediately Disappear

Global warming and natural pollution of life on earth. Scientists will have many ecosystems, islands, including the world’s tourist destinations disappear from the earth’s surface. Ironically, the development of the tourism industry became one of the causes of the disappearance of several tourist destinations in the world. Continue reading “10 Travel Destinations This World is Expected To Immediately Disappear”

4 Locations on Earth that Have a ‘Water of Miracles’,

In this world there are a number of amazing destinations, ranging from mountains, forests, historic buildings, sea, or lake.

Some places on earth can be spelled out amazing because it is surrounded by a charming landscape. But others are really amazing because of the natural phenomenon that can not be found elsewhere. here are 4 places on earth that have water wonders.

1. Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico

Puerto Mosquito is located on the southern coast of Vieques Island, Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico. Every liter of water in Puerto Mosquito is home to more than 720,000 single glossy, cellular organisms. Continue reading “4 Locations on Earth that Have a ‘Water of Miracles’,”

From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica

Everyday, Landsat satellites orbiting the planet take pictures of things like changes in world cities seen from space, big fires, melting glaciers, and more.

Among these curious photographs are the Adelie penguin population in Antarctica. This unusual task is the work of NASA scientist Mathew Schwaller, who reasoned in 1984 that penguins spent much of the organic waste, so scientists could estimate the size of the population from outer space, with a full guano content on white ice. Continue reading “From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica”

10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World

The bridge is used to connect two opposite and far-flung places. Therefore, the bridge looted over the river, sea, until the ravine. In the past, this building can only be wooden bridge for the river bridge, then replaced with stones because it is stronger.

Over time, the bridge was built with charming design and construction as well as from stronger materials. As a result, they can still survive and can be used until now. Of course, this row of connections can be an instagenic photo spot and make your knees shake badly on top of it. Continue reading “10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World”

traveling with dogs and cats

Cats and dogs are often likened to both animals that never get along. Even so I never get along, both will be very difficult to be maintained together. Because both cats and dogs have different characters.

But unlike the case of friendship between cats and dogs this one. Both are equally visible like brothers. The dog named Henry and the cat named Baloo is the second animal owned by Avid Cynthia Bennett who is a woman who likes to travel.

Avid Cynthia Bennet initially adopted Henry before finally deciding to keep the Siamese cats. Baloo itself was adopted at the age of 5 months. He is already familiarized living side by side with Henry and play together. Even Bennet deliberately invite both to traveling together. Well, here are some photos of their togetherness when traveling that looks very familiar and adorable.

1. Introduce this is Henry (dog) and Baloo (cat) which is the second animal with a hobby of traveling

Continue reading “traveling with dogs and cats”

Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World

Slovenia presents a different Europe. If most European countries are famous for history, old buildings, architecture, art and scientific progress then Slovenia is very famous for its stretch of nature.

Bordered by Italy to the west and Austria to the north, Slovenia, a coastal sub-Alpine country in southern Central Europe, is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Although no one knows exactly the location of the ‘tip of the world’, but in Slovenia, there is a beautiful lake named Lake Bohinj dubbed ‘Lake at the End of the World’. Continue reading “Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World”

5 Best Freediving Places in Southeast Asia

Hi buddy short route, for you freediving fans, Southeast Asia becomes one of the most favored places. Some places in the region are recognized as a haven of freediving enthusiasts, here are the 5 best freediving spots in Southeast Asia. Freediving itself is a way to dive into the water without using a breathing apparatus as usual, for that freediving activity is highly dependent on how a person dives.

For some people, freediving is a way to enjoy the depths of the ocean without having to carry as much equipment as a respirator. Some others think freediving is a way to blend with the sea and nature, others to express themselves. here are the 5 best freediving places in Southeast Asia:

1. Amed, Bali (Indonesia) 

Bali is already very famous in the world as a favorite tourist destination, even some foreign citizens are willing to settle in Bali because of its beauty. The fishing village located in East Bali is one of the most famous freediving places in Indonesia, the village is named Amed. With so many freediving options available, Amed is the best freediving place you can find.

Amed is one of the dive sites in the presence of Japanese ships (Japanese Wreck), so you will be able to find a variety of marine animals in it. April and November are the best times if you want to visit Amed. Continue reading “5 Best Freediving Places in Southeast Asia”