Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image

Our Earth actually has so many amazing places, both exposed and unexpected. Some of them have become official tourist attractions that never deserted tourists. Magic places in the world is often considered the result of digital engineering because it was so incredible.

This incredible view and natural phenomenon, no doubt many people do not believe it before seeing it directly. Actually, the variety of magical tours in this world formed naturally since lasted millions of years ago.

Magic tour in this world visited by many who are curious about its authenticity. If bored with mainstream attractions, these places are worth a visit:

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

magical tours in a world that is suitable to be visited with a partner. This place is quite popular in Klevan, Ukraine. Continue reading “Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image”

7 places the most beautiful in the world but dangerous

Morning buddy Short Route, keep the spirit and work do not forget the picnic on holiday. This short Route will present an amazing but very potential sight to kill anyone approaching.

There are thousands of beautiful places in this world, but some of them are quite dangerous to visit. Even potentially killing those who try to approach him. and here are the 7 most dangerous places that have the most beautiful scenery in the world.

1. Saltstraumen – Norwegia

Saltstraumen is a small strait located in Norway.
Not an easy matter to reach these waters. The tidal currents are so strong and plus there is a gigantic vortex that can cause serious problems on the way. Continue reading “7 places the most beautiful in the world but dangerous”


Petra is an archaeological site in Araba, Ma’an Province, Jordan, situated in a large valley that flows from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra is famous for its stone carvings architecture. Petra is also one of the new wonders of the world. UNESCO has described it as “one of the most valuable cultural properties of human cultural heritage.”

In 1985, Petra was designated a World Heritage Site. Even today this complex of temples, tombs, and spectacular houses can only be accessed on foot or on horseback. The entrance to Petra is through a dark and twisty gap in the rock, known as siq, in Arabic meaning a gap.

Petra contains nearly 1,000 monuments, and once had fountains, gardens, and permanent water supplies. But why is it carved out of sandstone in such a remote and dry location? Who built this magnificent building and what happened to its inhabitants? Continue reading “PETRA, THE CITY OF MISTERIUS IN STONE”

this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther

happy weekend Buddy Short Route, and for you who must work overtime keep the spirit, because the short route is still faithful to accompany you on this weekend. If you’ve watched the Black Panther Movie there is one of the unique tribe, the tribe whose people use the plate resembles a plate mounted on the lips. do you know buddy, it turns out that the real tribe is in the real world, the name is the tribe Mursi in Ethopia.

The Mursi are in the valley and near the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. The area is called Omo Valley which is 438 km from the Ethiopian capital Adis Ababa. For the Mursi Tribe, the metal disk on this lips as a marker of maturity and benchmarks of the beauty of a woman Mursi. Continue reading “this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther”

10 best beaches of the world 2018 by Tripadvisor

The online review site TripAdvisor re-issued a list of 10 best beaches of the world by 2018 the choice of traveler. Any beach huh?

Through millions of testimonials given by users of the site in 12 months, this year TripAdvidor’s website has released the list of 10 best beaches in the world by 2018.

Viewed from the official site of TripAdvisor, Thursday (22/2/2018), predicate of the world’s best beaches in 2018 falls on Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands which is one of the British territory in the Caribbean.

Grace Bay Beach gets a positive assessment of 89%, accompanied by 861 good reviews about beautiful beaches. Then at number 2 there is Beach Baia do Sancho in Brazil, followed by Varadero Beach in Cuba at position 3.

In addition to the 3 names above, here’s the complete list of the top 10 best beaches in the world by 2018 the preferred version of a user’s TripAdvisor site traveler:

1. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Turks & Caicos Things to Do include catamarans, snorkeling, iguana island, eating local conch and lobster, walking grace bay, and kite surfing. Continue reading “10 best beaches of the world 2018 by Tripadvisor”

10 Interesting Tours In Vietnam

In addition to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand one of the countries that are often visited is Vietnam. Vietnam is also one of the favorite places of foreign tourists in Southeast Asia. If you are planning a vacation to Vietnam, these are the 10 places to visit when in Vietnam.

1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s most visited tourist destination when you are in Vietnam. This tourist location is quite famous to foreign countries. Ha long bay itself is located in North Vietnam close to China border. With its turquoise sea charm and rocky limestone islands, Ha Long Bay itself is often likened to a fairy tale place. The island is in this place partially covered by forest, there is also an island that has a lake and cave. Continue reading “10 Interesting Tours In Vietnam”

Wakanda in the real world

morning buddy short route, today I am very happy, because what? because tonight can be free tickets to watch the movie ‘black panther’, before we first explore the wakanda city.

Have you ever asked where Wakanda is in the real world? Wakanda is indeed a fictional city in the movie ‘Black Panther’ and make everyone ask. Inspired from which city with beautiful mountain scenery?

In the film Black Panther, Wakanda is a fictitious city in Africa that has a wealth of vibranium. In addition Wakanda is also known to have the most beautiful sunset in the world. Continue reading “Wakanda in the real world”

Traveling Cycling in Japan

Night mate Short Route, this time we talk traveling in japan make remember the movie The Last Samurai. But the difference if the movie The Last Samurai played Tom Cruise ride a horse, we ride a bicycle around in Japan.

Surely many of you want traveling to Japan. But never thought of if you are traveling outside the mainstream? instead of using a bus or train to explore every corner of the city in Japan that may make you occasionally dark eyes for your favorite shopping goods, you better try traveling by bicycle in Japan is relatively cheaper and you can casually see the beauty of every corner of the city in Japan . How ready? if you are ready, see how to travel by bicycle

The first thing you should do is find a bike rental or if you come from among the nobility you can buy a bike there. bikes rental can you find in some tourist attractions or around the train station in Japan. Some bicycle rental shops usually ask you to deposit a sum of money as collateral or a photocopy of identity if you are going to rent a bicycle. They may also ask for your address and phone number. Continue reading “Traveling Cycling in Japan”