The 10 Most Beautiful and Adrenaline Staircase

The ladder was created to make it easier for a person to reach a higher place. And as time goes by, this man-made ladder is made even more beautiful. Just like some of these amazing stairs.

The staircase offers beautiful views and some of them are like splitting rivers and mountains.

1. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

The Linzhou Spiral Ladder, China, is built between surfaces in the Taihang Mountains. Its height is about 300 feet. But, that does not mean climbing these stairs has no danger or hard work. Only people under 60 years old with healthy heart and lungs are allowed to climb on this ladder. Continue reading “The 10 Most Beautiful and Adrenaline Staircase”

7 most unique streets in the world

Each country must have a highway to access liaison between citizens within the territory of the country. Mostly in a country, roads or streets in residential complexes are straight and flat to be easily accessible by road users and vehicles.

But some countries also have unique streets with unusual scenery. Here are 7 unique streets that exist in various countries in the world.

1. Chefchaouen, Maroko

For those of you who like blue, you may need to go to Morocco. In Chefchaouen you will see many roads, walls, and doors of houses filled with blue. The Jewish refugees who lived there since the 1930s painted the blue of all the houses. The surrounding mountains and the relaxed atmosphere of the city also add to Chefchaouen’s charm. No wonder, the city is always crowded with foreign tourists. Continue reading “7 most unique streets in the world”

8 amazing places on earth

Earth has an amazing variety of landscapes, ranging from mountains, seas, forests, lakes, deserts, and so on. From the amazing variety of places on earth, some of them have unique natural landscapes.

Even so unique, a number of places on earth until mentioned on the other planet. here are 8 places on earth that are like being on another planet.

1. Wadi Rum, Yordania Continue reading “8 amazing places on earth”