Delicious Coffee Bike 

Short Route Night buddy, tonight have you drunk coffee? talk about coffee, black coffee is champion. Make life passionate and excited, especially with tobacco-based cigarettes ohh delicious.

I do not know why today I was lazy to ride a private vehicle, which eventually went home using Uber service. But being lazy to drive by private vehicle finally made me walk a while before going home. While sitting and watching the traffic in the city, there is a coffee bike seller approaching and preparing everything. Yes indeed he was used to stay this location every afternoon, and tonight moved the location again. If I usually meet a coffee seller traveling by car, this time coffee tricks something new to emerge in the coffee business.

Although Coffee is sold by Bike but does not mean they are selling coffee carelessly. They use the Professional Barista Tool, the selection of coffee is also not inferior to the Coffee Shop. And one more advantage Coffee Trike this price is much cheaper than the Coffee Shop, delicious Coffee Bike so the more complete the pleasure.

Short Route buddy try one time to enjoy the delicious and the sensation of drinking coffee bike in the afternoon, while watching the busy people around on the street. And for you confused youth looking for a job, just try selling this trike coffee may be your luck. And for you Creative Youth you can also make a unique and interesting design for bike coffee sellers.

As usual at the end of the article Short Route will give you an example of a picture of Coffee Trike, hopefully can add creativity and inspiration ideas for all of you who want to start a business coffee, with an economical budget.

additional notes, do not forget to always keep your moment with buyers, and share in social media.


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