Explore 4 caves with beautiful panorama in the world

1.  Ice Caves on the Mutnovsky Volcano

Ice caves are located around the Mutnovsky volcano in Russia. Some of them are formed by a vent that releases volcanic heat and a gas called fumarole. According to reports photographer Denis Bud’ko, half a mile from the length of the cave formed by a river that flows through the glacial field at the bottom of the volcano.

2. Caves in the Algarve

This beachfront cave is located in Algarve, Portugal. Algarve itself is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, and one of the most popular in Europe. In fact, nearly 10 million people visit the Algarve every year. The Algarve is currently the third richest region in Portugal, after Lisbon and Madeira.

3. Marble Cave in Patagonia

Marble Caves in Patagonia, Chile, are bright blue caves in the Carrera lake region. The lake itself is located on the border of Argentina and Chile. This marble cave consists of three main caves: Chapel (La Capilla), Cathedral (El Catedral), and Cave (La Cueva). They stand firmly in South America’s second-largest freshwater lake, General Carrera.

Many tourists are hypnotized by the reflection of blue light on the walls of the cave. Light effects such as flashes of flash that lights up. These beautiful caves have been formed for thousands of years. To reach this remote place located at the southernmost tip of Chile, tourists must fly from the Chilean capital Santiago, 800 miles to the next nearest town, Coyhaique, and then drive? 200 km on a challenging dirt road south of the lake.

4. Son Doong

Son Doong was declared the largest cave in the world in 2009. This cave is part of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, in Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. Tourists who stop at this cave will find a large underground river. Son Doong was first discovered by a local man named Ho-Khanh in 1991.

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