Lake Bohinj, Lake at the end of the World

Slovenia presents a different Europe. If most European countries are famous for history, old buildings, architecture, art and scientific progress then Slovenia is very famous for its stretch of nature.

Bordered by Italy to the west and Austria to the north, Slovenia, a coastal sub-Alpine country in southern Central Europe, is blessed with stunning natural beauty. Although no one knows exactly the location of the ‘tip of the world’, but in Slovenia, there is a beautiful lake named Lake Bohinj dubbed ‘Lake at the End of the World’.

The nickname comes from the name of Ukanc Village located near the lake, which in the local language means ‘the edge of the world’. Distance, the journey to Lake Bohinc from the Slovenian capital takes about three hours. But the bad roads to the steep terrain make access to the village and Lake Bohinj can be for weeks until it feels like on the edge of the world.

But the length of the trip to Ukanc will be paid off by the beauty of Lake Bohinj that goes into Triglav National Park. With an area of about 318 hectares, the waters offer unparalleled peace and tranquility. Having a very clear water like glass, this is a glacial lake dammed by moraine.

Not only will we be amazed by the beauty of Bohinj Lake, but also by the green landscape like in the Alps, Switzerland. Lake Bohinj even become a place of ‘escape’ renowned novelist Agatha Christie to philosophers like Jean-Paul Sartre. It is said that Agatha Christie is famous as the author of a mystery detective novel novel is fascinated with the beauty of this place. But this place he never made ‘setting’ for his many stories about murder. He said that this place is ‘too pretty to be a place of murder’.

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