Natural Beauty of Waterfall in the World

One of the tourist that is inviting attention is the natural attractions of waterfalls, the beauty of shape and altitude become its own attraction, the waterfall is also something that is very rare in the world, not every country has a waterfall, so the waterfall natural attractions become one of the destinations favorite.

No wonder if very many tourists want to find out just where the natural attractions of the beautiful waterfalls in the world, which will be the destination or next tourist target. Here show 10 natural beauty waterfalls in the world.

1. Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is one country that has some very beautiful waterfalls, a country that has an Atlantic climate with rain and snow that very often occur near the north pole, if the summer arrives then the existing glaciers will melt, thus creating rivers even rare waterfall with strong water strength and beautiful nature.

This waterfall is also famous for the strength of water fall, water from the river Jokulsa stream also comes from the glacier. The strength of this waterfall is known at 500 cubic meters per second and depending on the season. Waterfall width about 100 meters with a height of 44 meters.

2. Dunhinda Waterfall, Sri Lanka

Waterfall located in Badulla in Sri Lanka is known as waterfall droplets dew or droplets smoky, this is because if seen a cursory waterfall is like a collection of smoke or dew-drops of dew. Located 5 Kilo meters from the town of Badulla, visitors must travel a considerable distance to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall.

More or less visitors have to walk as far as 1 Kilo meters to get to this waterfall, but a considerable trip away will be paid by natural waterfall with a height of 64 meters.

3. Gocta Falls in Peru

The natural beauty of waterfalls in the next world is a waterfall located in Peru under the name Gocta. This waterfall is the third highest waterfall in the world so it is not surprising that this waterfall became one of the world’s tourist destinations.

Waterfalls with an altitude of approximately 870 meters is indeed presents an incredible natural scenery, the location of waterfalls into the forest of Peru into a sensation tersendri to get to the location of the waterfall. Visitors must be ready to walk approximately 2 hours to get to this waterfall, by passing the protected forest preserved by the local government, so that the nature of the forest is still very awake plus a foggy atmosphere that is not rare in meet by the tourists.

4. Iguazu Falls

The natural beauty of the next waterfall in the next world is the Iguazu waterfall on the border of Brazil and Argentina, if the waterfall is seen as splitting and separating Brazil and Argentinya, with a presentation of approximately 20% in Brazil and 80% of waterfalls in the territory of Argentina.

The beauty of the Iguazu waterfall also keeps the legends and folklore about the creation of this waterfall, which is briefly the god’s anger that divides this river and separates Brazil and Argentina.

This waterfall can be reached by road trip by car from the capital Misiones in Argentina or more precisely from the city Posadas, with travel time approximately 4 hours. But if you’re on vacation in Brazil, travel time may be longer about 8 hours road trip.

Due to this waterfall can be enjoyed from 2 different places, namely Brazil and Argentina, each of the natural beauty is different, if you can to enjoy from Brazil and Argentina would be much more satisfying.

5. Niagara Falls in Canada

This Niagara Falls waterfall lies on the border between the state of New York and the Canadian province with a distance of 27 kilo meters from Bufallo New York. This waterfall is famous in the world not because of its height, but because of its width, and is the largest waterfall in the world with more than 168 thousand cubic water per minute and become the strongest waterfall in North America.

Due to this very wide waterfall, not infrequently visitors can see the rainbow bias occurs between the waterfalls that add to the natural beauty Niagara waterfall and is a special attraction for foreign tourists

6. Nohkalikai Waterfall in India

This one waterfall not only has the beauty of nature, but also has an extraordinary height that is as high as 1115 feet at once manjadikan waterfall is the highest waterfall in India. The beauty of the waterfall in the world is also owned by this Nohkalikai waterfall, though it is the highest waterfall in India, but the waterfall is also famous for its calm water that is sliding from a height.

The waterfall located in Cherrapunji City has a legend, that is according to the story of the people around that the waterfall Nohkalikai embodiment of the sadness of a mother left by her son because of death, these stories and legends add to the privilege of waterfall Nohkalikai in India this.

7. Plitvice Waterfall in Croatia

Waterfall located in Plitvice lake is indeed not a big waterfall, let alone a high, this waterfall has an attraction because the scenery is very beautiful. The beauty of the world’s most beautiful waterfall can be crowned at this Plitvice waterfall.

This waterfall is included in the UNESCO world heritage site and is in Nacionalni Park Plitvicka Jezera or Plitvice lake national park. The beauty of the lake and water kejernian coupled with the presence of waterfalls in this lake adds to the beauty of Plitvice lake, so that people who want to visit this waterfall view at the same time really enjoy the beauty of nature and also the beauty of Plitvice lake.

8. Puente de Dios Waterfall in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Beautiful waterfalls with very special natural scenery next in Mexico, such as Plitvice waterfall, this waterfall is not a high waterfall nor a waterfall that wide as Niagara Falls. This waterfall is famous for its beauty, the water is very clear with a waterfall that is very calm makes the attraction of this waterfall is not inferior to the high waterfall or the width of the world.

Located in Tamosopo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico this waterfall has small caves under the water of the river from this waterfall, the river Gallinas beautify the beauty of this waterfall.


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