5 natural attractions in greenland is very fascinating

for travelers visiting Europe is certainly not foreign anymore. Many historic buildings that became icons of tourism in Europe,, call it the Eifel Tower, Big Ben and the Tower of Pisa. Europe is indeed synonymous with the tourism civilization is so beautiful.

peek into the end of Europe, it turns out many natural tourist destinations that are not less beautiful. If you are bored with the metropolitan destinations that exist in Europe, you should try a natural tour.

Greenland is the largest island in the world located in the northern tip of Europe. Not many people know, if it turns out this island has an extraordinary natural charm. Despite being on the northern edge of the world, Greenland can be an alternative choice if you visit the European continent.

Curious as to what the sightings of nature tourism in Greenland? Let’s refer to the following summary

1. Close to the North Pole, you can enjoy the beautiful white iceberg on Ilulissat Iceberg Cruise Continue reading “5 natural attractions in greenland is very fascinating”

The World Billionaire’s Holiday Spots Spend Time Relaxing

Everyone always needs a holiday to get rid of tired after a lot of work. There are many places in this world that can be a tourist destination, usually we choose a suitable place for the family and also fit with the budget we have.

But unlike the billionaires of this world, they often visit tourist destinations that are often visited by other billionaires.

Launch from elitereaders, following the favorite tourist destinations of the world’s billionaires.

1. Necker Island Richard Branson

Sir Richard is the founder of the investment business, he owns Necker Island which is located on the Virgin Britanis Kingdom. Continue reading “The World Billionaire’s Holiday Spots Spend Time Relaxing”

Rooftop Area Design That Makes Home So Have Fun Outdoor Space and Helpful

For a house with a roof, a rooftop lounging area can be an option at home. This upstairs outdoor area not only provides an interesting view but also a coolness both inside and out. Outdoor area can be functioned as a park or various other space functions. Here are some rooftop design that functioned into a useful space and make the occupancy so much fun.

1. Gathered Area

Designing a roof area with a wooden deck and hangout will create a more intimate atmosphere for homeowners and families. This shaded sofa area also keeps people in it protected from the sun. Plus a comfortable sofa holder to make people in it more relaxed. Continue reading “Rooftop Area Design That Makes Home So Have Fun Outdoor Space and Helpful”

7 Most Expensive Foods in the World! Are You Interested to Taste it?

For culinary connoisseurs, a place to eat that provides unique menus is definitely a must to try. But have you ever thought about tasting fantastic priced food? Because not limited to taste, there are also some types of foods sold at high prices thanks to the uniqueness of the. Like some of the foods below, ranging from the price of millions to hundreds of millions of Rupiah, these 7 foods successfully hold the title as the most expensive food in the world. Have you ever tried?

1. Chicken Meat $ 2,900

Chicken meat with a fantastic price per tail is a chicken of Chicken Cemani type, which comes from Temanggung, Indonesia. Chicken Cemani is a type of chicken that has a black color, not only the fur and even the look of the meat. Cemani chicken prices can be quite expensive because this chicken is very rare and difficult to find. Continue reading “7 Most Expensive Foods in the World! Are You Interested to Taste it?”

7 Horrible Things Ever Found in the Cave

There are many unexpected things you can find in the cave. Do not imagine there’s only bats and stalactites. Some things beyond reason are hidden there. here are seven strange things found in the cave.

1. Underwater virtual tribe cave

In 2008, a puzzling labyrinth of pyramids and a stone temple was found in Mexico. The most confusing part is that some tunnels are entirely submerged in water.

Most people believe that the tunnel is a cave system built by the ancient Maya people as a tribute to their beliefs. Until now no one dared to try to dive deep into it.

2. Romania Poison Cave

After 500 million years closed, some local surveyors deliberately opened a giant toxic cave. Because of the poison, this Romanian cave dare not enter anyone.

The smell of rotting and poison gas was stinging inside. However, this cave is still inhabited by various species such as spiders, scorpions and centipedes.

3. Lemurs giant

A surprising discovery of animal remains is found in an underwater cave in Madagascar. The divers discover the bones of an extinct giant lemur. The bone was buried under water. The size is almost the same as the gorilla.

4. The deepest tunnel

Ellison in Northwest Georgia is the twelfth cave in America. Its length reaches 586 feet to the ground.  It took a long time to get to the bottom.

5. Screaming mummy

Not just any mummy found in this cave, the mummy that is as fleeting as torment. The horror expressions look sad.

6. Worms

Worms in the cave Waitomo, New Zealand is quite unique. Because it can glow in the dark. Glimpse like a collection of stars in the sky.

7. Tableware from the skull

A strange skull remains found in a cave in the English countryside. The skull is shaped like cutlery, glassware, and so on. This proves if cannibalism has occurred in the era of modern humans.

10 The Landscape of Nature is True and Real in the World

The earth is full of beautiful natural scenery as well as amazing. Some have been formed naturally for thousands of years, but some are man-made. Even some of the sights we think are unlikely to happen, but the real reality is there. Here are some natural scenery on Earth that we can not believe.

1. Natural hot springs, Denizli Province, western Turkey

There is a storied natural hot springs in the province of Denizli, western Turkey dating from the 2nd century BC. From afar, these hot springs formed by calcite in the water look like stunning white clouds. Continue reading “10 The Landscape of Nature is True and Real in the World”

The 10 Most Beautiful and Adrenaline Staircase

The ladder was created to make it easier for a person to reach a higher place. And as time goes by, this man-made ladder is made even more beautiful. Just like some of these amazing stairs.

The staircase offers beautiful views and some of them are like splitting rivers and mountains.

1. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

The Linzhou Spiral Ladder, China, is built between surfaces in the Taihang Mountains. Its height is about 300 feet. But, that does not mean climbing these stairs has no danger or hard work. Only people under 60 years old with healthy heart and lungs are allowed to climb on this ladder. Continue reading “The 10 Most Beautiful and Adrenaline Staircase”

10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop

Nowadays to get nice photos there is a wide range of applications. Applications like Photoshop are often used by some to create a variety of cool photos. Technology can indeed create something cool.

But make no mistake, nature is always bringing things very amazing to see. Some of these images are thought to be fake.
In fact, these pictures are amazing and make many people stunned. Check out the photos below “10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop”

1. Mountain View

Seattle is an energetic city of coffee toasters, music to software companies.
In the photo above you can see Mount Rainer as it hangs over the clouds. This photo is not an edit but only the luck of the photographer. Continue reading “10 Photos It Proves Better Natural Photos of Photoshop”