The interior design of the house is unique and quaint

Instagram account named @ pleasehatetheseth is indeed special to capture a variety of unique home interior design.

Many unique interior design photo uploads, but sometimes weird ones. In fact, so creative can make people who like to feel confused.

Sure enough, the account instagram is apparently initiated by the interior designer named Dina Holland. Dina is often found a strange house design which he then uploaded on Instagram. Here are 4 unique but strange home interior designs found by Dina


The unique place where the fireplace, though looks a bit creepy. But there is a humorous side of the interior design of this fireplace, because who saw it would laugh. Continue reading “The interior design of the house is unique and quaint”

Want to Stay in the Castle of the Tale of the Land? 3 Luxury Castle It’s The Answer!

Castle fairy tale, is known still we can meet in the real world, especially in Europe and there are some castles that allow visitors to stay there.

In addition to enjoying the beauty from the outside, some real castle does allow visitors to feel the sensation of staying in it, For example, 3 castles below!

1. Ashford Castle, Ireland Continue reading “Want to Stay in the Castle of the Tale of the Land? 3 Luxury Castle It’s The Answer!”

price list of honeymoon tour packages in maldives

It has an enchanting underwater charm and stunning natural beauty, making Maldives increasingly exist among tourists. In addition to being a destination for a vacation, Maldives became a romantic tourist destination for couples especially for honeymooners.

In Maldives or Maldives there are two resorts belonging to Club Med are popular among tourists who want to honeymoon, Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu. Continue reading “price list of honeymoon tour packages in maldives”

Portrait of the Beauty of the World Landmark on Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour 2018 was just held on March 24, 2018 and then, exactly at 20:30 to 21:30. The movement initiated by WWF and Leo Burnett was first held in 2007. The aim is to invite everyone to care more about the climate change happening on earth.

Initially this earth hour activity is only a moment to turn off the lights for one hour. But now the moment has turned into a public movement (individuals, groups, corporations) to be able to do anything to save the Earth. Earth Hour 2018 Warning brings the theme of # Connect2Earth. The theme is chosen with the aim of building public awareness to reconnect with the earth as a place to live with other living beings. Continue reading “Portrait of the Beauty of the World Landmark on Earth Hour 2018”

5 Lodging with Eco-friendly concept

Currently, awareness of the surrounding environment began to grow among tourism actors, one of them inn.

There are even a number of inns in the world that apply the concept of eco-hotel by making improvements to the surrounding environment.

Scott Dunn, a tour operator headquartered in London, England, recommended a number of eco-friendly concept hotels. In addition to offering sea tours, the following 5 eco-friendly concept hotels

1. Lizard Island Resort, Australia

Located on the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island Resort is one of the resorts on the main island of Australia. Continue reading “5 Lodging with Eco-friendly concept”

6 Snack Hits, made from Potatoes

Currently, began to emerge a variety of foods that are often referred to as a contemporary snack. The appearance of this contemporary snack even shifted the popularity of traditional snacks

Nevertheless both are still popular with the community, given the taste that does not disappoint. Various ingredients are used to make contemporary snacks, one potato. For that, following recommend six contemporary ingredients based potato.

1. Tornado Potatoes

As the name implies, tornado potatoes are made of thin, thinly spiral-like potatoes. Installed on a bamboo skewer, tornado potatoes cooked by frying and seasoned. Continue reading “6 Snack Hits, made from Potatoes”

4 Extreme Culinary Animals that Still Move when Presented

Most people are more accustomed to enjoying the food served in a perfectly ripe state. Surely this can not be separated from the culinary dish that is more to sell meat with the maturity evenly. No exception on fish and seafood.

but different things are often found in other countries. Where in some countries like Japan and Korea, some culinary is served in a state of half-cooked or even still completely raw, especially culinary seafood.

In contrast to South Korea that serves a fresh culinary menu of octopus eaten alive. Some of this culinary is served by using dead animals, but still moving after being given soy sauce or salt.

According to Charles Grisham, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virginia who was quoted by the Huffington Post, this is due to the content of sodium chloride contained in salt or soy sauce. The content can make the body of a dead animal can receive stimulation response.

Let me not curious, here are 4 extreme culinary animals that can still move when presented

1. Sushi Hokkigai Continue reading “4 Extreme Culinary Animals that Still Move when Presented”

5 Spot tours subscribed to the celebrity world

Holidays become one of the moments that can refresh the mind and reduce the stress of a myriad of activities that have been done. Especially if a vacation to a beautiful and quiet place, away from the urban hustle and bustle, can really make you merecharge energy.

Well, usually tourist spots with good scenery is hidden really. The terrain is difficult and the route can be tough. But of course all that paid off evenly when you get to the goal.

Vacation to a beautifully hidden place was also performed by international artists. Some of them often do it to avoid the paparazzi. But not paparazzi his name if not smart to get a portrait of the famous celebrity even in a hidden place. As a result they reveal what destinations are the destination of the celebrity world.

The vacation location of the celebrity of the world is not only beautiful, it also costs not too little, can be up to billions of dollars. Understandably, the class is indeed world level or international.

What are the hidden vacation destinations that are subscribed to the world’s top celebrities?

1. Las Ventanas, Los Cabos.

This destination is a favorite location in Mexico to celebrate winter. Some list of artists who have visited this place like Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Fergie, and Brad Pitt. Continue reading “5 Spot tours subscribed to the celebrity world”

5 natural attractions in greenland is very fascinating

for travelers visiting Europe is certainly not foreign anymore. Many historic buildings that became icons of tourism in Europe,, call it the Eifel Tower, Big Ben and the Tower of Pisa. Europe is indeed synonymous with the tourism civilization is so beautiful.

peek into the end of Europe, it turns out many natural tourist destinations that are not less beautiful. If you are bored with the metropolitan destinations that exist in Europe, you should try a natural tour.

Greenland is the largest island in the world located in the northern tip of Europe. Not many people know, if it turns out this island has an extraordinary natural charm. Despite being on the northern edge of the world, Greenland can be an alternative choice if you visit the European continent.

Curious as to what the sightings of nature tourism in Greenland? Let’s refer to the following summary

1. Close to the North Pole, you can enjoy the beautiful white iceberg on Ilulissat Iceberg Cruise Continue reading “5 natural attractions in greenland is very fascinating”

The World Billionaire’s Holiday Spots Spend Time Relaxing

Everyone always needs a holiday to get rid of tired after a lot of work. There are many places in this world that can be a tourist destination, usually we choose a suitable place for the family and also fit with the budget we have.

But unlike the billionaires of this world, they often visit tourist destinations that are often visited by other billionaires.

Launch from elitereaders, following the favorite tourist destinations of the world’s billionaires.

1. Necker Island Richard Branson

Sir Richard is the founder of the investment business, he owns Necker Island which is located on the Virgin Britanis Kingdom. Continue reading “The World Billionaire’s Holiday Spots Spend Time Relaxing”