4 Locations on Earth that Have a ‘Water of Miracles’,

In this world there are a number of amazing destinations, ranging from mountains, forests, historic buildings, sea, or lake.

Some places on earth can be spelled out amazing because it is surrounded by a charming landscape. But others are really amazing because of the natural phenomenon that can not be found elsewhere. here are 4 places on earth that have water wonders.

1. Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico

Puerto Mosquito is located on the southern coast of Vieques Island, Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico. Every liter of water in Puerto Mosquito is home to more than 720,000 single glossy, cellular organisms. Continue reading “4 Locations on Earth that Have a ‘Water of Miracles’,”

From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica

Everyday, Landsat satellites orbiting the planet take pictures of things like changes in world cities seen from space, big fires, melting glaciers, and more.

Among these curious photographs are the Adelie penguin population in Antarctica. This unusual task is the work of NASA scientist Mathew Schwaller, who reasoned in 1984 that penguins spent much of the organic waste, so scientists could estimate the size of the population from outer space, with a full guano content on white ice. Continue reading “From Outer Space, 1.5 Million Adelie Penguins Are Observed in Antarctica”


Global warming and extreme climate change make the highest glow-covered peaks in Norway melt. This makes thousands of ancient artifacts discovered in Norway by archaeologists. These artifacts are believed to date from 4000 BC (BC). This artifact is found like a treasure that has long buried.

The thousands of ancient artifacts revealed include clothing, weapons, ski equipment, and more than 2,000 relics. These artifacts are found in the Jotunheimen area and around the mountains in Oppland. In addition, well-preserved haul skeleton artifacts are also found in the area. Continue reading “MELTING GLESTER, THOUSAND ARTIFACT FOUND IN NORWAY”

Atlantis to Zealandia, 5 Most Mysterious Island in the World in the Past is Now Lost

Hi my friend Short Route ever heard the term Lost lands? Namely a term that means the islands, continents or regions that were supposed to have existed in the past, but are now drowning or mysteriously disappearing. Its existence is even still debated today. And these are the 5 mysterious islands.

1. Hy-Brasil

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using 3D Technology, Beautiful Queen’s face in Ancient Egypt Revealed

The glamorous face of Queen Nefertiti, who is called the mother of King Tutankhamun, has been revived using the latest 3D imaging technology.

It took 500 hours to recreate the statue and jewelry, even made by designers from Dior. However, the queen’s 3,400-year-old leather color has caused controversy. Many people claim that the imagery depicted does not fit the actual conditions. Scientists from the University of Bristol digitally mapped the ancient queen’s face. It will be broadcast on US Unknown Expedition Travel Channel on Wednesday night. Continue reading “using 3D Technology, Beautiful Queen’s face in Ancient Egypt Revealed”

10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World

The bridge is used to connect two opposite and far-flung places. Therefore, the bridge looted over the river, sea, until the ravine. In the past, this building can only be wooden bridge for the river bridge, then replaced with stones because it is stronger.

Over time, the bridge was built with charming design and construction as well as from stronger materials. As a result, they can still survive and can be used until now. Of course, this row of connections can be an instagenic photo spot and make your knees shake badly on top of it. Continue reading “10 Amazing Bridge Guides You to Another World”

6 Castles in Great Britain that Keep Myths Awful. How dare you to go there?

Short stay devoted Short Route, how about tonight a little story about the mystery of the unseen nature? This mysterious natural mystery relates to the architectural beauty of a building in the United Kingdom, especially if it is not talking about the Castle. Because it is in the UK identical to the castle and the mystery.

Yes! You know that the land of three lions is also known as the country of a thousand castles so many castles are still maintained and preserved by his government, whether in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Intrigued by these myths?

Come on, peep the story just in Short Route.

1. The ghost of the white woman in the castle was pierced by Berry Pomeroy, Devon

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4 The Invention of Treasures That shocks the world

This vast hemisphere of Earth, many mysteries and historical stories that are true stories in the past of human civilization is extraordinary.

There are still many historical relics of the alampau which still holds a big question mark in the minds of the researchers and the world population.

Starting from ancient artifacts that are still in question of its origin, to the treasure trove of relics of the past whose economic value is unusually large, and even invaluable.

Fierce debates are still going on today, whether the treasure relics of the past are indeed purely because of natural disasters that hit, or indeed deliberately kept by the owners to be an investment in the future.

Here are some inventions of Treasures from various parts of the world that could shock people in the world.

1. Treasure of King Agamemnon in Greece.

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Porch Swing Inspiration

Sofa swing or also known as porch swing is now one of the furniture items that are selected trend to decorate the room. Its unique shape makes anyone who sits on it will feel comfortable swinging swinging small.

Although already available in the market, the price tag of the sofa swing is still quite high, ranging from Rp3 million for a single sofa.

So what if you want to make it yourself? Apparently not too difficult lho. Prepare material that is resistant outdoors such as wood, as well as rope that can be selected from a rope or iron chain to be attached to your patio ceiling.

If you have trouble designing chairs from wood material, you can ask for help from a professional carpenter. To give you inspiration, here are some examples of self-made swing sofa.

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traveling with dogs and cats

Cats and dogs are often likened to both animals that never get along. Even so I never get along, both will be very difficult to be maintained together. Because both cats and dogs have different characters.

But unlike the case of friendship between cats and dogs this one. Both are equally visible like brothers. The dog named Henry and the cat named Baloo is the second animal owned by Avid Cynthia Bennett who is a woman who likes to travel.

Avid Cynthia Bennet initially adopted Henry before finally deciding to keep the Siamese cats. Baloo itself was adopted at the age of 5 months. He is already familiarized living side by side with Henry and play together. Even Bennet deliberately invite both to traveling together. Well, here are some photos of their togetherness when traveling that looks very familiar and adorable.

1. Introduce this is Henry (dog) and Baloo (cat) which is the second animal with a hobby of traveling

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