Porch Swing Inspiration

Sofa swing or also known as porch swing is now one of the furniture items that are selected trend to decorate the room. Its unique shape makes anyone who sits on it will feel comfortable swinging swinging small.

Although already available in the market, the price tag of the sofa swing is still quite high, ranging from Rp3 million for a single sofa.

So what if you want to make it yourself? Apparently not too difficult lho. Prepare material that is resistant outdoors such as wood, as well as rope that can be selected from a rope or iron chain to be attached to your patio ceiling.

If you have trouble designing chairs from wood material, you can ask for help from a professional carpenter. To give you inspiration, here are some examples of self-made swing sofa.

1.Pillow Play

Made of wooden framework and rope, sofa swing on the porch can be more beautiful if added layer of sofa accessories and some pillows. You can choose solid matching pillowcase with a combination of motifs and bright colors to be more fresh look

2. Take advantage of used headboard

Headboard or mattress pad that is not used you can use to beautify the sofa hanging. Once repainted and connected to the wooden frame, add an extra layer of sofa.

3.  A romantic touch

This is an alternative model for those of you who want to have a hanging sofa outside the house. By designing a beautiful gazebo in the back garden of the house, you can enjoy the romantic evening atmosphere. Decor wooden bed with white mosquito net of tulle cloth and wrap decorative lights for sweet lighting.

4. Hang on a tree

In addition to the ceiling of the terrace, you can also embed a sofa hanger on a tree limb. However, make sure the branch is sturdy yes! Attach the sofa with a thick rope and add some pillows as a complement.

5. Renovation of cots

If you have an unused wooden cot, make use of a handy sofa for the whole family. White paint will give a classic impression on the sofa hanging from this baby cot.


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