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30 Things That Annoy Tattoo Artists | Tattoo Artists Answer Inked
6 months back
Tattoo artists tell us the things that clients commonly do that annoy them the most. What are things that as a client annoy you about tattoo artists? Let us know in ...
Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo BuzzFeedVideo
4 weeks back
Which artist will best capture Jess' dream? Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!
I’m a Tattoo Artist | My Life ★ Glam, Inc.
3 years back
Kim Saigh is a veteran tattoo artist who starred on "LA Ink" and works at one of the most well-known tattoo parlors in Los Angeles. Watch her story, learn about ...
Tattoo Artists React To Assumptions About Tattoo Artists BuzzFeedVideo
2 months back
"People think tattoo artists are rude and scary...but I'm nice!" Credits: Check out more awesome videos at ...
How Did You Start Tattooing? | Tattoo Artists Answer Inked
1 years back
25 top tattoo artists talk about how they started in the industry, and what made them want to start tattooing. #TattooArtist #RyanAshley #Storytime WEBSITE: ...
Pro Create for Tattoo Artists - basics Tattoo Shop Talk
7 months back
Basics of Pro Create for Tattoo Artists 1:30 skip intro I Pad Pro with apple pencil is a great tool for tattoo work and can make creation of any tattoo design a lot ...
Things Tattoo Artists Have to Say 2019 Tattoo Shop Talk
4 months back
Things Tattoo Artists Have to Say 2019 Every now and then talking to some tattooists you hear some weird things. Things that feel like is something they have to ...
Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo BuzzFeedVideo
1 months back
"2 Tattoo Artists. 1 Dream." Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!
My tattoo apprenticeship portfolio Holly Astral
2 years back
I share the portfolio that i took with me when looking for a tattoo apprenticeship! Thanks for watching I LOVE YOU My tattoo apprenticeship advice: ...
People Get Mystery Tattoos From Famous Artist Pop Trigger
4 years back
Would you ever stick an appendage in a glory hole? Check out Elliott's comedy special "Premature" on Vimeo, December 10th. ********* Subscribe to Pop ...
Apprentice Portfolio / Tattoo Artist Portfolio / Tips and Advice Anrijs Straume Tattoo
2 years back
Talking about Portfolios . Sharing some of my knowledge about it and showing some examples of my older work. Hope you will find it helpful. Let me know if I ...
Julian Siebert & Jenna Kerr Interview - The Kaos Theory Project | Tattoo Artist Collaboration Killer Ink Tattoo
2 years back
Julian Siebert and Jenna Kerr produced a Sandman-inspired tattoo that we're sure would make the writer Neil Gaiman proud! --- Read more about the Kaos ...
Top 10 Most Expensive Tattoo Artists In The World World Top Best
2 years back
Top 10 Most Expensive Tattoo Artists In The World Your first session with Scott Campbell INS less than $1000 per hour. In 2005, he started his own shop known ...
Why some tattoo artists choose vegan inks over traditional formulas | Cronkite News Cronkite News
2 months back
More Arizona tattoo artists use vegan inks, bringing environmental activism into a profession not typically associated with those movements. Phoenix tattoo artist ...
Legendary Tattoo Artist Critiques New Tattooers Andrew Stortz
2 years back
A celebrity tattoo artist is in the house this week to teach the students how to properly put pin to skin. The men and women will choose designs and painfully ...
Celebrity Tattoo Artist Dos and Don'ts ft. Josh Lord | INKED Inked
7 months back
Celebrity tattoo artist, Josh Lord, shares some of his dos and don'ts when it comes to tattooing, and getting tattooed. #Inked #TattooArtist #Celebrity WEBSITE: ...
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Tattoo | Pappya Gaikwad New Tattoo | Tattoo Artist - Mahesh Chavan Mahesh Chavan
9 months back
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj TattooTattoo | Pappya Gaikwad New Tattoo | Tattoo Artist - Mahesh Chavan Don't forget to share, like and subscribe :) TO BOOK ...
Top 10 Most Expensive Tattoo Artists In The World WorlTop10
4 years back
Top 10 Most Expensive Tattoo Artists In The World 1. Scott Campbell – $1000 for first hour - His customers include Josh Hartnett ,Marc Jacobs and the late ...
Tattoo Artist Draws Realistic Fingernails For Man with Amputation RADIO.COM
7 months back
An Illinois-based tattoo artists was able to give fingernails back to man who lost them after getting his fingers caught in an air conditioning belt. Download the ...
Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado The Tattoo Artist Channel
5 years back
Tatto Artist Nikko Hurtado Estudio: Black Anchor Collective Hesperia, CA
1 years back
for more Tattoo videos! make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel! also make sure to follow my Instagram and other social medias to see my Tattoos! FOLLOW my ...
Tattoo Artist Critiques his Old Tattoos | INKED Inked
1 years back
Bobby Cupparo critiques some of his oldest tattoos, and reflects on his growth. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: ...
5 Fact Friday! Dating Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Cost Regret? Qcknd
3 years back
Five fact Friday! Leave your Questions in the comments! 5FF ...
TATTOO Q&A 2⚡Can I bring my own design to a tattoo artist? Electric Linda
7 months back
New Tattoo Q&A series - Part 2 - Can I bring my own design to a tattoo artist? I answer the question and talk about some things you need to think about before ...
How To Become a Tattoo Artist - Tattoo Secrets by Malan Tattoo Michal Malanowski
10 months back
Did you watch all the advices from pro tattooers, yet still you do not know how to become a tattoo artist? Watch this full training video in which I show you the ...
1 years back
Don't forget to share, like and subscribe :) ENTRY FEES ONLY - 2000 /- SO HURRY UP only 100 seat's available so please - TO BOOK YOUR SEAT ...
💡COMO Usar PROCREATE para preparar los TATUAJES "Procreate for TATTOO Artist" Ipad Pro Jason Ramos
4 months back
COMO Usar PROCREATE para preparar los TATUAJES "Procreate for TATTOO Artist" Ipad Pro SÍGUEME EN: Jason Ramos Tattoos Facebook: ...
Tattoo Terminology: Tattooer vs Tattoo Artist James Withee
1 years back
For tattoo inquires, visit To keep up with my latest tattoo work, follow @jameswitheetattoo on instagram. Check out the other artists ...
So You Want A Japanese Tebori Tattoo | Tattoo Styles Inked
2 weeks back
Tattoo artist, Jess Yen, tells us about the style of Tebori, or Japanese hand poke tattoos, and some of the history behind it. Check out Jess Yen: ...
6 Ways To Make Your Tattoo Artist LOVE You Ivy Ink Tattoo
2 years back
Welcome back Tattoo Lovers for another video! I wanted to share with you ways to make the tattoo experience pleasant for you and most definitely for your tattoo ...
Tattoo Artists Editing Their Photos, Is It A Problem? treacle tatts
9 months back
Hey Guys! In today's video I talk about whether tattoo artists editing their pictures of their tattoos is a problem or not. Would love to know how you feel about this ...
How to Become Tattoo artist in India // Tattoo Artist Course in India #SabKuchKnowldege Sab-Kuch Knowledge
2 months back
कैसे बने टैटू आर्टिस्ट? #tattoArtist #sabKuchKnowldge Virat Kohli Tattoos A tattoo artist traditionally earns the title by completing an apprenticeship...
Your Tattoo Artist Will Thank You For Watching This Video Gravity Tattoo
1 years back
Book a tattoo at Gravity: Holly Astral's Channel: Gravity, 17 Bridge Street, LU7 ...
Black Ink Crew | Meet Melody - A Die Hard Tattoo Artist VH1
3 years back
Melody plans to take over the tattoo industry and will do anything to promote herself. She says after meeting everyone, that she clicked with Sky right away.
TATTOO TALK | Choosing your tattoo artist | HayleeTattooer hayleetattooer
1 years back
Giving you insight from inside the tattoo community on the best way to choose and contact a tattooer who specialises in the style you are after!
Wrist Tattoos Pros and Cons by a Tattoo Artist EP 03 Body Piercing & Tattooing
5 days back
tattoo #piercing #DesMoines This is the 3rdepisode in the Youtube Series Pros and Cons by a Tattoo Artist. Tattoo Artist Westley Dickerson of Skin Kitchen ...
Freddy Corbin Tattoo Artist Interview | Last Sparrow Tattoo Last Sparrow Tattoo
6 years back
Freddy Corbin is interviewed by Scott Sylvia for Go to for the back story that lead to this interview as well as ...
How to Get an Apprenticeship | Tattoo Artist Howcast
6 years back
Watch more How to Be a Tattoo Artist videos: How to get an apprenticeship?
Free Realistic Tattoo Tutorial Video Sunny Bhanushali
10 months back Learn It Like Aliens is an Online Tattoo Learning Program designed to help you learn basic to advance level ...
Best Tattoo Artist Dallas Texas 2018 portrait flower space Borrowed Particles
1 years back
43 Year Old, Dallas Tattoo Artist. Co-Owner of Dallas Tattoo. Insta: @BorrowedParticles Dallas Tattoo 18110 ...
Interview with a Handpoke Tattoo Artist - Elysse Marcus inkbox
1 years back
Elysse Marcus is the resident tattoo artist based out of the inkbox tattoo studio in downtown Toronto. She specializes in minimalistic handpoked tattoos, and her ...
Growing as a tattoo artist - talk Tattoo Shop Talk
12 months back
In this tattoo shop talk we are discussing what it is like to grow as a tattoo artist. Mr Carlos is now into very sweet spot of his creative being and this talk will be ...
5 months back
Best TATTOO shop in DELHI | Best TATTOO ARTIST in DELHI | #EXPLORINGGYAN STUDIO:- Bewitch Tattoo ADDRESS:- 116/A, Vikas marg, Shakarpur ...
Steve Butcher Hyper Realistic Tattoo Artist - The Creatives Blackdrop
11 months back
Steve Butcher is well known as one of the best Tattoo Artists in the world. Born in New Zealand, Steve Butcher has honed is craft as a tattoo artist and has ...
How to Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship / PORTFOLIO Ameliakit
3 years back
Part 1 : Ideas for creating a portfolio for your apprenticeship. I'm building up my portfolio, and I appreciate any advice and feedback you guys have! I'd like to help ...
5 Tips to INSTANTLY up your tattoo stencil game with Procreate. Joshua Carlton
2 years back
I go over tips to help streamline the tattoo stencil making process on the apple iPad Pro Procreate app. Be sure to like and subscribe for more videos weekly.
10 Tattoo Rules | Tattoo ਬਣਾਉਣ ਤੋਂ ਪਹਿਲਾ ਬਹੁਤ ਜਰੂਰੀ 10 ਗੱਲਾਂ | Artist Gill Artist Gill
1 days back
Instagram : (@artistgill) Tiktok : @artistgill1 SnapChat : artistgill Facebook SUBSCRIBE ...
6 Exercises for Tattoo Artists - RELAX your back and neck muscles Dax McClellan
5 years back Want to learn how to use social media that actually works? Check out my new course Go here ...