Steampunk – an ancient fashion traveling reborn

Morning buddy traveler meet again with us Short Route. Today we are not talking about travel, tips, landscape photos, culinary, but we will discuss about fashion traveler in ancient times which is now known as steampunk. Whether when the emergence of the term steampunk? but obviously for today’s type of fashion style in Victorian Britain citizen call him with steampunk.

I think Victorian Britain fashion style is very legendary because this fashion is suitable for use by women either in the ancient or the millennia. When looking at fashion steampunk makes me want to explore the time to revive the steam engine revolution.

Try to compare fashion women today and ancient times during the steam revolution, who looks more elegant? If I think it is much more graceful in the Victorian Britain. Indeed, to wear steampunk clothes very much need a lot of time left by women today. Steampunk clothing is only used by women today for photocall with the concept of steampunk and Gothic.

I have some steampunk-themed photo galleries, maybe this could be an inspiration for my traveling South Route buddies around the world to enjoy the work of fashion designers and steampunk photographers, or do you want to wear steampunk fashion while traveling? guaranteed everyone will notice you while walking in the crowd. Finally it will be like in Harajuku Japan, the difference if in Japan anime cosplay if steampunk cosplay Victoria britain.

oh yes for my friends who are still confused for the concept of photo prewedding, I think the concept of steampunk is suitable. Especially with the choice of the abandoned location, I’m sure it would be cool. Why am I the noisy prewedding concept? no matter all I do for my best friend. I’m sure all invited guests will be amazed to see your prewedding photo while present at the wedding. Especially if the concept of Wedding Ceremony is also synchronized, amazing men.


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