5 Spot tours subscribed to the celebrity world

Holidays become one of the moments that can refresh the mind and reduce the stress of a myriad of activities that have been done. Especially if a vacation to a beautiful and quiet place, away from the urban hustle and bustle, can really make you merecharge energy.

Well, usually tourist spots with good scenery is hidden really. The terrain is difficult and the route can be tough. But of course all that paid off evenly when you get to the goal.

Vacation to a beautifully hidden place was also performed by international artists. Some of them often do it to avoid the paparazzi. But not paparazzi his name if not smart to get a portrait of the famous celebrity even in a hidden place. As a result they reveal what destinations are the destination of the celebrity world.

The vacation location of the celebrity of the world is not only beautiful, it also costs not too little, can be up to billions of dollars. Understandably, the class is indeed world level or international.

What are the hidden vacation destinations that are subscribed to the world’s top celebrities?

1. Las Ventanas, Los Cabos.

This destination is a favorite location in Mexico to celebrate winter. Some list of artists who have visited this place like Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Fergie, and Brad Pitt. Continue reading “5 Spot tours subscribed to the celebrity world”