The 10 Most Happy Countries in the World

What makes a country happy? The United Nations (UN) considers the answer through World Happiness Report 2018, with a total of 156 countries. According to the report, the key to a happy country is long life with a healthy lifestyle, a lot of social support, trust in government, higher per capita income, and generosity.

This year’s list lists the top 10 countries that are the same as in 2017. However, some countries manage to climb higher, and some are downgraded. Finland, for example, won first place earlier this year, winning the title previously owned by Norway. Finland also has the happiest arrivals, based on new records this year.
While the experience of travelers is not specifically considered, the report sets the standard for places that are fun to visit. After all, is not that smile contagious?

These are the happiest countries in the world and some of what makes them unique.

10. Australia

From the crowded coast of Bondi to the quiet hideout along the Great Ocean Road, Australia has 10,685 beaches.  Continue reading “The 10 Most Happy Countries in the World”