this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther

happy weekend Buddy Short Route, and for you who must work overtime keep the spirit, because the short route is still faithful to accompany you on this weekend. If you’ve watched the Black Panther Movie there is one of the unique tribe, the tribe whose people use the plate resembles a plate mounted on the lips. do you know buddy, it turns out that the real tribe is in the real world, the name is the tribe Mursi in Ethopia.

The Mursi are in the valley and near the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. The area is called Omo Valley which is 438 km from the Ethiopian capital Adis Ababa. For the Mursi Tribe, the metal disk on this lips as a marker of maturity and benchmarks of the beauty of a woman Mursi. Continue reading “this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther”

Wakanda in the real world

morning buddy short route, today I am very happy, because what? because tonight can be free tickets to watch the movie ‘black panther’, before we first explore the wakanda city.

Have you ever asked where Wakanda is in the real world? Wakanda is indeed a fictional city in the movie ‘Black Panther’ and make everyone ask. Inspired from which city with beautiful mountain scenery?

In the film Black Panther, Wakanda is a fictitious city in Africa that has a wealth of vibranium. In addition Wakanda is also known to have the most beautiful sunset in the world. Continue reading “Wakanda in the real world”

Recreational vehicles in my imagination

Night Buddy Short Route, How are you guys doing today? I hope all goes well. My journey home today is quite relaxed, because the traffic today is quite smooth so I try a route that is not often passed every day. That’s where I saw Car Coffee Shop, without thinking I was docked to the Car Coffee Shop.

I see on the menu there is vietnamese coffee, it seems very suitable for the atmosphere this afternoon enjoying vietnam coffee with a snack kebab turki. And it turns out the taste of vietnam coffee is terrible, to bring up the idea of ​​writing my article today. Sourced from my imaginary Car Coffee Shop  to the Recreational vehicles. Continue reading “Recreational vehicles in my imagination”