8 amazing places on earth

Earth has an amazing variety of landscapes, ranging from mountains, seas, forests, lakes, deserts, and so on. From the amazing variety of places on earth, some of them have unique natural landscapes.

Even so unique, a number of places on earth until mentioned on the other planet. here are 8 places on earth that are like being on another planet.

1. Wadi Rum, Yordania Continue reading “8 amazing places on earth”

Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image

Our Earth actually has so many amazing places, both exposed and unexpected. Some of them have become official tourist attractions that never deserted tourists. Magic places in the world is often considered the result of digital engineering because it was so incredible.

This incredible view and natural phenomenon, no doubt many people do not believe it before seeing it directly. Actually, the variety of magical tours in this world formed naturally since lasted millions of years ago.

Magic tour in this world visited by many who are curious about its authenticity. If bored with mainstream attractions, these places are worth a visit:

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

magical tours in a world that is suitable to be visited with a partner. This place is quite popular in Klevan, Ukraine. Continue reading “Magic tour in the World that is often mistaken for digital image”