this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther

happy weekend Buddy Short Route, and for you who must work overtime keep the spirit, because the short route is still faithful to accompany you on this weekend. If you’ve watched the Black Panther Movie there is one of the unique tribe, the tribe whose people use the plate resembles a plate mounted on the lips. do you know buddy, it turns out that the real tribe is in the real world, the name is the tribe Mursi in Ethopia.

The Mursi are in the valley and near the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. The area is called Omo Valley which is 438 km from the Ethiopian capital Adis Ababa. For the Mursi Tribe, the metal disk on this lips as a marker of maturity and benchmarks of the beauty of a woman Mursi. Continue reading “this is the mursi tribe led by the black panther”

Coppa Club London Igloo Resto

Hi buddy traveler did not feel we were almost at the end of time. After 5 days of hard work, it’s time to refresh our mind and body.

For you guys who live in England you seem to have to go to london, especially for those of you who want a romantic dinner with your spouse, or you are honeymoon.

Why go to London? yes because there is now a new restaurant is cool and of course the new trend is the Coppa Club London, Cafe shaped igloos transparent giant. Because of its location on the Thames River, so while relaxing and dining here background London Bridge is very visible. Continue reading “Coppa Club London Igloo Resto”