The interior design of the house is unique and quaint

Instagram account named @ pleasehatetheseth is indeed special to capture a variety of unique home interior design.

Many unique interior design photo uploads, but sometimes weird ones. In fact, so creative can make people who like to feel confused.

Sure enough, the account instagram is apparently initiated by the interior designer named Dina Holland. Dina is often found a strange house design which he then uploaded on Instagram. Here are 4 unique but strange home interior designs found by Dina


The unique place where the fireplace, though looks a bit creepy. But there is a humorous side of the interior design of this fireplace, because who saw it would laugh.

Bedrooms are All-White

Who knows the concept of this bedroom ?. This concept is nuanced all white, it could be the owner of one person who loves snow.


The bathroom idea on the left is certainly unique. If you want to soak together, do not worry about feeling cramped, because you with a couple can soak together though with a separate bathup.

Meanwhile, the bathroom on the right photo is enough to make people confused. How not, people can take a shower while sitting or pooping at the same time if the shower and closet facing.

Swimming Pool in Bedroom

The purpose of the bedroom as well as swimming pool is probably to be able to swim immediately after and before the break.

The concept of home interior design is unique but weird this one is more impressed cool

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