Traveling Cycling in Japan

Night mate Short Route, this time we talk traveling in japan make remember the movie The Last Samurai. But the difference if the movie The Last Samurai played Tom Cruise ride a horse, we ride a bicycle around in Japan.

Surely many of you want traveling to Japan. But never thought of if you are traveling outside the mainstream? instead of using a bus or train to explore every corner of the city in Japan that may make you occasionally dark eyes for your favorite shopping goods, you better try traveling by bicycle in Japan is relatively cheaper and you can casually see the beauty of every corner of the city in Japan . How ready? if you are ready, see how to travel by bicycle

The first thing you should do is find a bike rental or if you come from among the nobility you can buy a bike there. bikes rental can you find in some tourist attractions or around the train station in Japan. Some bicycle rental shops usually ask you to deposit a sum of money as collateral or a photocopy of identity if you are going to rent a bicycle. They may also ask for your address and phone number.

Regarding the cost of rent is usually a bike rental in Japan peg the price 100-300 yen per hour, 400-800 yen for half a day, and 1000-1200 yen for one day. The price is usually for the type of bike with the type Mamachari (“mom’s bicycle”).

This type of bike is the most common in Japan and that is in simple bike rental shops for everyday use, Mamachari is usually equipped with a basket in front of it and a banquet chair. For other types such as road bicycles, mountain bikes or semi-electric bikes are usually rarely rented, if there is probably the price will be relatively more expensive.


Waaiiitt, ​​before you pedal there are some rules you must obey to ride in Japan. What is clear if you are cycling in Japan do not ever ride to the sidewalk, unless there is a sign that shows that the sidewalks can be used for pedestrians and cyclists. But sometimes there are some cyclists who do not follow this rule. The use of helmets for cyclists in Japan is not required, but to find safe you can rent a helmet as well for your own safety.

For parking affairs, many big cities, which provide bicycle parking area near the railway station or shopping center. you may also find a special parking area for bicycles. And remember, never park in any place let alone in zones that are clearly not allowed to park or you will be in a fine. If you are forced to park in an area that should not, at least you park in a place that does not prevent others to walk.


After you rent a bike and understand the cycling rules above it is time you step on the pedal and explore the beauty of Japan. Here are places in Japan that are very interesting for cycling

Shimanami Kaido

Shimanami Kaido is a 60 kilometer long road connecting the main island of Japan Honshu to Shikoku island through several islands and bridges. The Shimanami Kaido has a special bike path that provides stunning views of Seto Island.

Kibi Plain

Kibi Plain is a rural plain located outside of the center of Okayama City. What’s interesting about this place is the 17-kilometer trail for cycling through the countryside and you can also visit some of the historic sights on this trip.


Considered as the birthplace of Japanese civilization, Asuka offers some interesting historic places with beautiful countryside views. Driving by bike is perfect for exploring Asuka because of its pleasant surroundings and a great distance to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Biei Hokkaido

Biei is a small town in the center of Hokkaido. Beautiful scenery rolling from the hills that surround this city. Makes you feel a very fun cycling experience, although some people would prefer electric-powered bikes, because Biei has a hilly terrain.


Cycling here is very popular among tourists, because it is a city with a flat terrain so that Kyoto is a perfect destination for cycling fun. In addition, you can also ride on a leisurely bike ride along the Kamo River.


Hagi is a former fortress town in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This city is very suitable for cycling because it has wide wide roads and not too many passing vehicles make you very free to explore this place.

Although Japan is a relatively safe country from criminal acts, but bicycle theft does exist in Japan. To prevent crime, every bicycle in Japan should have been registered to the authorities. If you buy a new bike, the registration process will likely be handled by the store where you bought it, but if you buy from someone else, you are expected to re-enroll under your name at the local police station to avoid any misunderstandings going forward. Most bikes are equipped with basic safety locks, but additional safety locks are needed if your bike does not want to disappear in Japan.

so how is my friend Short Route interested in traveling in Japan by bicycle? If interested, prepare to save first for transportation and accommodation departing to Japan.

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