traveling with dogs and cats

Cats and dogs are often likened to both animals that never get along. Even so I never get along, both will be very difficult to be maintained together. Because both cats and dogs have different characters.

But unlike the case of friendship between cats and dogs this one. Both are equally visible like brothers. The dog named Henry and the cat named Baloo is the second animal owned by Avid Cynthia Bennett who is a woman who likes to travel.

Avid Cynthia Bennet initially adopted Henry before finally deciding to keep the Siamese cats. Baloo itself was adopted at the age of 5 months. He is already familiarized living side by side with Henry and play together. Even Bennet deliberately invite both to traveling together. Well, here are some photos of their togetherness when traveling that looks very familiar and adorable.

1. Introduce this is Henry (dog) and Baloo (cat) which is the second animal with a hobby of traveling

2. Here’s a photo of Henry and Baloo with his employer, Avid Cynthia Bennet. All three seem to love each other

3. Looks Baloo is asleep on Henry’s head. What a shame ya think

4. Even when asleep, both still hug each other

5. Seeing the beautiful scenery together, very hard to see them sitting like this

6. Use a shared sleeping bag as well. So sweet really, guys?

7. Can not be separated really I think

8. Blankets together to keep warm

9. If you hugged in the middle of the desert, now they hugged in the middle of the forest

10. To warm each other, they hugged each other

How about cat and dog photos above? Looks really adorable, is not it? Although cats and dogs often do not get along. However, if both have been accustomed to live side by side since childhood, would eventually be seen to get along too. Like Henry and Baloo that look inseparable from each other. Even cats that are famous for their ignorant nature, can look very dear to dogs.

Even according to Bennet, Baloo can not be separated from Henry. When Bennet touches Henry’s tail even Baloo will “mew” at the door. That’s how much Baloo’s affection for Henry can be seen from the photos above.

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