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  • Larry McMillan Jr.
    Larry McMillan Jr.  3 weeks back

    the stage... the payoffs... the raids... order out of chaos (its a repetitive cycle.. problems are created only to be solved by those who create them. the nfl is but one venue and a distraction to the bigger picture) folks... it's almost over... get your houses in order

    • Luna EB
      Luna EB  3 weeks back

      why is jenny screaming?

      • K Luv
        K Luv  3 weeks back

        They only doing this bc many people across all platforms are standing up and all the Rich people that own sports and organization are starting to see the effect and now they see the chance to make money instead of losing money

        • DeyThe1st Moekage
          DeyThe1st Moekage  3 weeks back

          They should have gave that opportunity in the offseason

          • D Man
            D Man  3 weeks back

            If Rodger G sees he's actually good enough to play maybe the owners will be fined for discrimination or something...?

            • South Side
              South Side  3 weeks back

              Miami coach will be there lol

              • LibertarianRunner
                LibertarianRunner  3 weeks back

                The location complaint is just weird, most teams are on the east coast.

                • MyTopSpinner
                  MyTopSpinner  3 weeks back

                  Kap isn't good enough for the distraction but he's better then half the league backup qb

                  • Andrew Melancon
                    Andrew Melancon  3 weeks back

                    They talk like Kap is the best quarterback ever but now theres nothing but excuses before he even tries out

                    • matt ensley
                      matt ensley  3 weeks back

                      Yeah he was benched for Gabbert before he ever showed he hates America so he obviously got real bad real fast

                  • the Curry
                    the Curry  3 weeks back

                    Eyes equal money.

                    • Grimm Reaper
                      Grimm Reaper  3 weeks back

                      Lamar Jackson has stirred new interest, higher ratings? The NFL knows Kap has the same style. It’s all about the $.

                      • Grimm Reaper
                        Grimm Reaper  3 weeks back

                        I don’t care for him one way or another. I remember he struggled a lot. If he was the Ravens QB they would still be a good team .

                      • jdareyah
                        jdareyah  3 weeks back

                        Yeah Kap was 3-16 in his last 19 starts. He was benched multiple times and cut for a reason...he sucked

                      • Giffond Hall
                        Giffond Hall  3 weeks back

                        he sucks

                    • Mally Baby
                      Mally Baby  3 weeks back

                      Dam skip leaving fox

                      • Young Chuy 23
                        Young Chuy 23  2 weeks back

                        DANIEL ALEXANDER lol Shannon is useless without skip

                      • Mally Baby
                        Mally Baby  3 weeks back

                        I love shannon but with out skip I don't see

                      • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                        DANIEL ALEXANDER  3 weeks back

                        *Let him go, we got Shannon. He can carry the load all by himself💪*

                      • Johnny Hughes
                        Johnny Hughes  3 weeks back

                        @Mally Baby ok thanks

                    • Red Hood
                      Red Hood  3 weeks back

                      I have a wonderful, and impossible scenario. Follow me on this journey.

                      Imagine , if you will, that the chicago bears win out the rest of the year and Biscuit balls out. The amount of crow that the media would have to eat would be immeasurable.

                      Again, this is scenario is about as possible as Floyd Mayweather reading this comment but just imagine how their heads would explode one by one... In reality the bears will finish 6-10 tho

                      • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                        DANIEL ALEXANDER  3 weeks back

                        KAP 4 DAK🤷‍♂️

                        • Curt Thacker
                          Curt Thacker  3 weeks back

                          Question of the day... Who took the better knee Tonya Harding, Colin Kaepernick or Monica Lewinsky

                          • ctglenn1
                            ctglenn1  3 weeks back


                          • Hinds15
                            Hinds15  3 weeks back

                            @Sebastian Delgado Do you mean like your mom did your brother?

                          • Sebastian Delgado
                            Sebastian Delgado  3 weeks back

                            @Hinds15 your mom didnt swallow you

                          • Hinds15
                            Hinds15  3 weeks back

                            20th century was great wasn't it. Go ahead bring up something else from that time.

                          • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                            DANIEL ALEXANDER  3 weeks back

                            Monika took it in the oval office, can't beat that.
                            Kap took it after every practice/game
                            Tonya had assistance
                            Winner: Monika

                        • swartetc
                          swartetc  3 weeks back

                          Problem was he was looking for a platform out of bounds instead of performing inbounds.

                          • WildSandwich
                            WildSandwich  3 weeks back

                            Last time I checked Kap was warming the bench....bars. what's changed? He's not any good! They figured him out. Period end of story.

                            • Steve Platt
                              Steve Platt  3 weeks back

                              Check again. You will find the truth. What you say is not true

                            • matt ensley
                              matt ensley  3 weeks back

                              @Khalid Brown fool he was benched before he ever started doing that in 2015 for Gabbert

                            • matt ensley
                              matt ensley  3 weeks back

                              @Khalid Brown he was benched for Gabbert dude he sucked

                            • Khalid Brown
                              Khalid Brown  3 weeks back

                              @jdareyah No the 49ers sucked, he was benched for kneeling, the same reason he was cut, again his stats put him of most other QBs in his last years, you probably didn't even check the video.

                            • jdareyah
                              jdareyah  3 weeks back

                              @Khalid Brown BS, Kap was 1-10 his last season and 3-16 the last 2 season he played.
                              He was benched multiple times during his last 2 years...he is out the league for a reason. He sucked

                          • Dale Denton
                            Dale Denton  3 weeks back

                            Man skip you Shannon!