Wendy Williams Has NO Sympathy For Meghan Markle + 4 Other Times Wendy Went Too Hard

  • Published: 24 October 2019
  • Days ago, video hit the internet of Meghan Markle giving an emotional interview in which she revealed the life as a Royal, new mom and newlywed under the intense scrutiny of the British media was more than overwhelming. As the Duchess’s eyes welled up with tears, thousands across the globe felt her pain and wished her well — Wendy Williams was not among the thousands. In fact, she had quite the opposite reaction.

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  • msjuicycouture22
    msjuicycouture22  4 weeks back

    I agree! "we don't have that there" bitch we have ALL TYPES of tabloids and vlogs and blogs and paparazzi here being all up in your personal life so go head with that BS. She didn't have it when she was here because she was just like us. Regular!! She's miserable now! They gonna take her son if she try to leave.... Just a mess Megan. Live the life you married into

    • Big Fish
      Big Fish  4 weeks back

      Wendy Williams is such an ugly soul in an ugly ass shell. She’s miserable despite her success.

      • Brani Frijol
        Brani Frijol  4 weeks back

        She is miserable look at what life she had with that cheater husband, talks about everybody but her life is a wholee mess now she is just miserable idk why she still have a show and why people still watch her

        • Kayo Terrell
          Kayo Terrell  4 weeks back

          I don’t get why black women defend Meghan Marble so much, she’s isn’t black. They just trying to live life vicariously through her.

          • KIM JONG UN
            KIM JONG UN  4 weeks back

            Wendy so ugly her husband don't even find her attractive. I'd cheat too.

            • AE3007
              AE3007  1 months back

              What a trainwreck of a human being this Wendy Williams is...

              • Claudette Walker
                Claudette Walker  1 months back

                The actress on show! These royals just need to get on with their jobs or stop living off the British taxpayers! Wendy is right, Meghan knew about the media and the effect on Princess Diana. She just wants everything to be done HER way (typical American??) or she gets moody. She is not on Katherine's level and never will be. The royals are not openly political, not celebrity hounds, etc. She just can't change hundreds of years of tradition!

                • Succeshero
                  Succeshero  1 months back

                  WENDY IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! That Meghan is a scam

                  • JARED BARATTA
                    JARED BARATTA  1 months back

                    FUCK MEGHAN MARKLE!!! I have had it with that social climbing cunt being shoved down my throat. She buys a new dress and INSIDE EDITION lets you know how much thread was used. I am a fan of the new show STUMPTOWN. It premiered only last month and last night it was bumped so ABC could do their part to serve up the Meghan Markle cultism to air Harry & Meghan:An African Journey. Fuck them, fuck their African Journey and fuck the elephants they rode in on. Every American who obsesses over the Royal Family is a sad, pathetic loser who all need to get a life. Thank you Wendy Williams for speaking truth to power.

                    • Mary Richardson
                      Mary Richardson  1 months back

                      Why does she have a show?  There is nothing interesting about her!!

                      • Meat Lady
                        Meat Lady  1 months back

                        WE HAD SYMPATHY FOR YOUR JUNKY WEAK AS...
                        SO WHY YOU CAN'T HAVE SYMPATHY FOR HER
                        DOUBLE STANDARD SELFISH ASS

                        • Val Go
                          Val Go  1 months back

                          wendy just spoke the truth
                          i guess you’re throwing shade, by indicating she’s 55 year old talk show host 🤦🏽‍♀️🤪🧐🤭🤔

                          • True Thoughts 100
                            True Thoughts 100  1 months back

                            Just when I began to like Wendy...she does this! I hate mean girls! She should understand how it feels to be talked about in a negative way.

                            • msjuicycouture22
                              msjuicycouture22  4 weeks back

                              Ohhhh boy! Because Megan is innocent? She knew what she was doing reeling in Harry. Paleez!

                            • CCGG Live
                              CCGG Live  1 months back

                              True Thoughts 100 you meant a mean boy right 🤔