Sonchiriya | Man Singh Ka Khaas - Vakil | Ranvir Shorey | Abhishek Chaubey | 1st March 2019


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  • pratihaar pratihaar
    pratihaar pratihaar  8 months back

    Kya acting h bhai..jay Rajputana

    • pratihaar pratihaar
      pratihaar pratihaar  8 months back

      Jio vakil singh

      • royal engineer shubham
        royal engineer shubham  8 months back

        Love you Sushant Singh Rajput

        • Abhishek Kumar
          Abhishek Kumar  8 months back

          बेहतरीन एक्टर।।

          • Trailer. com
            Trailer. com  8 months back

            Kch tho problem h

            • Rakesh Kaushik
              Rakesh Kaushik  8 months back

              saare kaatil actors

              • Amit Yadav
                Amit Yadav  8 months back

                One man show... Ranveer shorey....

                • Truth prevails
                  Truth prevails  8 months back

                  Loved his acting in Khosla ka Ghosla...seems to be a versatile actor ....good luck with that.....time pass karte huye dekha hai ek baar WTF ke bahar Andheri mein ise

                  • taunk kamal
                    taunk kamal  8 months back

                    Es gaandu Ko lete kyu hai

                    • Darshana Subhedar
                      Darshana Subhedar  8 months back

                      Ranveer Shorey Is Truly A Versatile But Quite Underrated Actor In Film Industry!!!!!!!Despite Being Not So Successful He At Least Try To Do Something Different In Each And Every Movie Of Various Genres!!!!!!!Have My Word This Movie Will Go On To Become His An Memorable Film!!!!!!!Also If You Are True Fan Of Him Then Support This Movie!!!

                      • Darshana Subhedar
                        Darshana Subhedar  8 months back

                        Wow What An Powerful & Realistic Promo This Was!!!!!!!!Seriously All Promos Of This Film Are Million Times Better Than All Shitty 3rd Class Promos Of Total Dhamaal!!!!Also Its Time That We As True Fan Of Bollywood Movies Should Now Appreciate Realistic Content Like Sonchiriya!!!!!!!!Boycott Fully Total Dhamaal & Support Sonchiriya!!!!!!!

                        • Navdeep Manhas
                          Navdeep Manhas  8 months back

                          Man singh rathore dacoit 1955 mein mar gaya tha asli dacoit wo the chambal ka ye konse man singh par bna daali.

                          • Raziur Rahman
                            Raziur Rahman  8 months back

                            Navdeep Manhas Usi Par Bani Hai , Usi Ki Behen Ka Naam Son Chidayya Hai

                        • YumYum Records
                          YumYum Records  8 months back

                          Subrcibe me pls 😢 😢 ami jee Ami jee full video on my channel

                          • Shyam Kishore
                            Shyam Kishore  8 months back

                            This will hit

                            • Anish Mohan
                              Anish Mohan  8 months back

                              Am sure Ranvir Shorey would be the weakest link in this gripping narrative

                              • A&M entertainment
                                A&M entertainment  8 months back

                                Believe nahi hota k rsvp ne hi uri banaya antinationalist

                                • Rajul S
                                  Rajul S  8 months back

                                  Boombastic cast hai...gazab ka director hai...sahi hogi ye picture

                                  • SandiCasm SandiCasm
                                    SandiCasm SandiCasm  8 months back

                                    Ye movie to hit hone wali hai

                                    • Manav deep singh
                                      Manav deep singh  8 months back

                                      An underrated actor indeed

                                      • funny videos
                                        funny videos  8 months back


                                        • Rishabh Kumar
                                          Rishabh Kumar  8 months back

                                          Most underrated movie of the year

                                          • Ajey Sharma
                                            Ajey Sharma  8 months back

                                            Real actor

                                            • Adil mech070
                                              Adil mech070  8 months back

                                              Picture bole to accidental prime minister, ee sonchiriya kaa picture hi bay...

                                              • Vi Pra
                                                Vi Pra  8 months back

                                                Oh yeah

                                                • Dinesh Joshi - aspire to inspire

                                                  Ranveer shorey ko isse pehle as a comedian samajhta tha...
                                                  Now he attempted to change his onscreen image...
                                                  Good attempt..
                                                  Best of luck

                                                  • shivam kumar
                                                    shivam kumar  8 months back

                                                    Watch his titli and kadwi hawa..ur mind will be definitely bogling for sure..

                                                  • TheSuavemanner
                                                    TheSuavemanner  8 months back

                                                    Then watch mithya.

                                                  • Dr Tarique Ahmad
                                                    Dr Tarique Ahmad  8 months back

                                                    Nae yr he is versatile actor..

                                                  • Eshan Pandey
                                                    Eshan Pandey  8 months back

                                                    He has played serious roles many times, just check his filmography on Wikipedia and watch every single movie will entertain you

                                                  • PUSHPENDRA SINGH SHEKHAWAT
                                                    PUSHPENDRA SINGH SHEKHAWAT  8 months back

                                                    Same here brother NYC Actor talented

                                                • Kartik
                                                  Kartik  8 months back

                                                  Shame on Bollywood... no care for yesterday's Pakistan terrorist attack on our Indian army...

                                                  • V k
                                                    V k  8 months back

                                                    @Faisal Fareed jaisa tum logon ne pedhawar school mein kiya tha???????

                                                  • Kartik
                                                    Kartik  8 months back

                                                    @Faisal Fareed Abe kutte Pakistan atankwadi Logo ko Jammu Kashmir me bhejkar kayar aur darpok ki tarha Hindustan ke Army jawano par attack karta hai.... Pakistan ek national terrorist country hai...tum Jaise napak musalman humare Hindustan ko jitane jakhm doge hum tumhe usase dugana dard denge ....tumhare Pakistan ko kabrastan nahi banaya to hum bhi Hindustani nahi....

                                                  • Faisal Fareed
                                                    Faisal Fareed  8 months back

                                                    What nonsense it is an inside attack by your army

                                                • Chiranjeev Chaitanya
                                                  Chiranjeev Chaitanya  8 months back

                                                  Sushant # lakhna mst hai bro 👍

                                                  • Awkali jindagi
                                                    Awkali jindagi  8 months back


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