Sonchiriya | Sarkari Mehmaan | Sushant, Bhumi, Manoj, Ranvir | Abhishek C | 1st March 2019


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  • वीर क्षत्रिय वीर भोग्या वसुंधरा

    जय हो बुंदेलखंड 💪💪💪

    • वीर क्षत्रिय वीर भोग्या वसुंधरा

      ट्रक को टायर पंक्चर हो गाओ तो😀😀😀😀

      • History 2
        History 2  8 months back

        Role of GUJJAR is lit😂🔥

        • Lalit Things
          Lalit Things  8 months back

          Ye movie kch Alag krne wali h ..👌

          • Indrasish das
            Indrasish das  8 months back

            Ashutosh Rana Guruji 🙇‍♂️

            • YumYum Records
              YumYum Records  8 months back

              Can i get 10 subscribers 💔 💔 💔 pls

              • Salil Kamra
                Salil Kamra  8 months back

                Aushutosh Rana never promotes his films but this time he is promoting it everywhere.Looks like this is one of the best performances of his career after Sangharsh and Dushman.

                • abir roy
                  abir roy  8 months back


                  • faiz azam
                    faiz azam  8 months back

                    Ashutosh rana is baap of actors

                    • Raziur Rahman
                      Raziur Rahman  8 months back

                      बड़ो अच्चो लगो है कि फिल्मों में भोजपुरी और राजस्थानी के अलावा भी कोई देसी भाषा बोलो जातो हैगो

                      • Darshana Subhedar
                        Darshana Subhedar  8 months back

                        Ashutosh Rana Is King Of All Grey Shade Characters In Bollywood!!!!!!This One Is Also Quite Promising!!!Let's Just Hope This One Is Also Turn Out To Be A Memorable Role In His Career!!!!!!!Also If You Are A True Fan Of Him Then Go & Watch Sonchiriya In Theatres For Sure!!!!!!

                        • Darshana Subhedar
                          Darshana Subhedar  8 months back

                          Wow Truly An Entertaining Promo This Was!!!!!!!Seriously This One Is Million Times Better Than Recent Shitty Promo Of Total Dhamaal!!!!!!Also Its My Humble Request To All True Lovers Of Bollywood Is That Boycott Total Dhamaal & Support Sonchiriya For Sake Of Cinema!!!!!!

                          • Dinesh Joshi - aspire to inspire

                            20 saal baad rang me aaye Ashutosh Rana Ji..

                            • BALJEET SINGH
                              BALJEET SINGH  8 months back


                              • Ashutoshh Guurjar
                                Ashutoshh Guurjar  8 months back

                                @THB THB tumko bina mange hi mil gayi na

                              • THB THB
                                THB THB  8 months back

                                Chutiye ho tum Gurjar. Bhikmange bhik maang rahe ho reservation kee.

                            • Dhaval Pithwa ever _ Forever

                              Mast 👍😍

                              • Srijan Verma
                                Srijan Verma  8 months back

                                Maza agaya bhaiya

                                • HimaNshu AgraHari
                                  HimaNshu AgraHari  8 months back