How to make these Alternative Dovetail Joints (The Knapp Joint)


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    RADCOMJ1  8 hours back

    I really love this joint and admire your perseverance. I have asked a few of the Youtube makers for ideas. What about using coins as part of the template? Any info on the original machines?
    I am definitely gonna try this at some stage; thanks for the introduction.

    • Anthony Orlando
      Anthony Orlando  19 hours back

      Great job!

      • Rick T
        Rick T  22 hours back

        looks really good do triangle centers ?

        • Rick T
          Rick T  22 hours back

          little more work but the fit and look has to be number one reason to go with it

          • William Manning
            William Manning  1 days back

            That's a good lad!

            • Photoshop Automation
              Photoshop Automation  1 days back

              Thank you for sharing !

              • William Hollaway
                William Hollaway  1 days back

                I thoroughly enjoyed your craftsmanship. Thanx for sharing your video.

                • Aziz Аka
                  Aziz Аka  2 days back


                  • Dan G
                    Dan G  2 days back

                    Looks cool, but WAY WAY too much work

                    • lahokc59
                      lahokc59  2 days back

                      Very interesting and informative video , that makes quite the sophisticated looking joint 😁👍

                      • Chris montgomery
                        Chris montgomery  2 days back

                        Never tried to do a Knapp before. The Porter cable dove tail jig is super simple. Hahaha. I like the bears ears joints too. Very cool dude.

                        • William Werner
                          William Werner  3 days back

                          That was really so cool !!!

                          • Mitsuko Walker
                            Mitsuko Walker  3 days back

                            PS. Mitsuko is my wife. How her name got on here, on my PC I'll never know... but, I am Steven.

                            • dave lee
                              dave lee  24 hours back

                              you just been to Flying Squirrels house ?

                          • Mitsuko Walker
                            Mitsuko Walker  3 days back

                            I had tried this style decades ago... never any luck....gave up.... Now, I no longer make drawers... and here you are... now I can go to sleep with my fathers a happy man. Thank you. You've done a bang-up job of it!

                            • Ossian Haufe
                              Ossian Haufe  3 days back

                              I like you‘re working with traditional tools. I think it is much more easier to cut the second part with a laser

                              • Gee Trieste
                                Gee Trieste  3 days back

                                A lot of frickin work to make this joint; I guess once all the templates are in place it's not so bad.
                                But I really question how much stronger this is than a simpler to produce dovetail joint. Other than that, it does look nicer, but that is more cosmetics than engineering.

                                • Dennis Shoemaker
                                  Dennis Shoemaker  3 days back

                                  That is crazy! I love it. Someday I want to give it a try.

                                  • Lacroix en fonte
                                    Lacroix en fonte  4 days back

                                    Great job at doing it, however I seriously question the strength of this joint, as it solely relies on the pins/dowels

                                    • Jake Sangria
                                      Jake Sangria  4 days back

                                      That is a beautiful joint, but Jesus I can't imagine having that much free time. I admire people that do

                                      • demolitionGoat
                                        demolitionGoat  11 hours back

                                        @Jake Sangria That is exactly why i spent 2k on a 9900k system that i spent 2 weeks building a custom wood case for. So that i can play a few hours of 3879 fps classic wow two times a week. Priorities. reasonable descisions.

                                      • Jake Sangria
                                        Jake Sangria  11 hours back

                                        @demolitionGoat exactly. I always told myself that when I was making good money I would buy one of the newer video game systems, you know now that I am I can't imagine spending $700 for something I don't even have an hour a week to play with.

                                      • demolitionGoat
                                        demolitionGoat  12 hours back

                                        @Jake Sangria :´< a tale of true sorrow. I'll start renovating and moving into a house early next year. The same fate might await me.

                                      • Jake Sangria
                                        Jake Sangria  12 hours back

                                        @demolitionGoat dude I even had to give up wow I'm so busy these days.

                                      • demolitionGoat
                                        demolitionGoat  15 hours back

                                        Yeah imagine not having raids two days a week. Would have so much free time :3

                                    • Frank Boase
                                      Frank Boase  4 days back

                                      Sure a beautiful joint, most probably as strong as a regular dove tail, BUT, such a huge effort to make the jig

                                    • Richard Katzman
                                      Richard Katzman  5 days back

                                      Great job! Looks excellent and I’m sure it’s extremely strong. Nice work.

                                      • fearlessjoebanzai
                                        fearlessjoebanzai  5 days back

                                        Could you make a "spare" copy of the first half of the joint, then with wet paint on it, use it like a stamp to print the shape onto the wood you use for the second half? Or onto a spare bit to make a template?

                                        • Ciprian David
                                          Ciprian David  1 weeks back

                                          Youtube at 00:00:00: let me recommend this to that random guy
                                          Me: wtf! let me see what's that about. and well... I enjoy it!

                                          • USS_Boom
                                            USS_Boom  1 weeks back

                                            Love this !  Now I have to make something for a drawer soon to use it 8)

                                            • Charlie Knapp
                                              Charlie Knapp  1 weeks back

                                              sick, I know the Knapps

                                              • Margaret Doerr
                                                Margaret Doerr  1 weeks back

                                                This is so pretty. I would love to open a drawer and see this. Thank you for your video.

                                                • Richard Corcoran
                                                  Richard Corcoran  1 weeks back

                                                  I 've seen this joint before and I had no idea how to make it, it seemed so complex.  Thanks for your work, good job.

                                                  • 98Zai
                                                    98Zai  1 weeks back


                                                    • James Turner
                                                      James Turner  1 weeks back

                                                      Can’t believe I just watched a 20 minute video about a joint... and enjoyed every second???

                                                      • Don Yates
                                                        Don Yates  1 weeks back

                                                        Though the joint is decorative, it's more work than, and not as strong as, a conventional dovetail.

                                                        • Penelope Hunt
                                                          Penelope Hunt  1 weeks back

                                                          Clever man

                                                          • bob82bobmax
                                                            bob82bobmax  1 weeks back

                                                            very beautiful idea, 1like :) 5/5

                                                            • Chris Anthony
                                                              Chris Anthony  2 weeks back

                                                              The brass knuckles joint.

                                                              • Ken Hawkins
                                                                Ken Hawkins  2 weeks back

                                                                OK, someone please pass this on to Paul Sellers. I want to see the hand tool method.👍If anyone can do it, it would be Mr. Sellers.

                                                                • Sagittarius A*
                                                                  Sagittarius A*  2 weeks back

                                                                  You want to make really, really sure that everything stays in place by glueing and screwing ;-)

                                                                  • Dmitri Schrama
                                                                    Dmitri Schrama  2 weeks back

                                                                    I would experiment with drilling the holes first and use dowels on the jig to align everything. I am wondering if that would be quicker.
                                                                    All in all nice vid, informative and pleasant to watch.

                                                                    • ruben tova sangui
                                                                      ruben tova sangui  2 weeks back

                                                                      Que dolor de cabeza tienes que tener con ese proyecto jjj un ensamble muy bonito magnifico trabajo

                                                                      • MasterSwinec
                                                                        MasterSwinec  2 weeks back

                                                                        6:19 "I dont' have a 19mm drill bit" - GO AND BUY IT!!! moron.

                                                                        • Burak Eren
                                                                          Burak Eren  2 weeks back

                                                                          Me: I have to work
                                                                          Youtube: No, watch some epic craftmanship

                                                                          • oswald rendon-herrero
                                                                            oswald rendon-herrero  2 weeks back

                                                                            Very nice video. Thank you. Isaiah 55:6

                                                                            • Wilhelm Taylor
                                                                              Wilhelm Taylor  2 weeks back

                                                                              The Brits have truly lost their way. A ؾ" (that's "inch") drill would get you Ø19.05mm.

                                                                              • Charlie Campbell
                                                                                Charlie Campbell  2 weeks back

                                                                                Were did the copper go i don't understand

                                                                                • Lucas
                                                                                  Lucas  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Is dove tail stronger than Knapp?
                                                                                  Let's find out!

                                                                                  • Yağmur Bayrakdarlar
                                                                                    Yağmur Bayrakdarlar  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Too much effort to reach the result.

                                                                                    • Agnes Cotte
                                                                                      Agnes Cotte  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Magnifique on ne se lasse pas de vous regarder faire, bravo Maître et un grand merci

                                                                                      • Mike Lacey
                                                                                        Mike Lacey  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Hooray - a really informative video with no annoying music - Thanks

                                                                                        • TheRainHarvester
                                                                                          TheRainHarvester  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Why vegetable oil? Just curious. 2:00

                                                                                          • miner69erher
                                                                                            miner69erher  2 weeks back

                                                                                            the only woodworking i do is making shipping crates, but i love this shit lol.
                                                                                            I love learning this stuff, its always neat and I love learning new things