The Milky Way may once have swallowed a dwarf galaxy

  • Published: 23 July 2019
  • Astronomers believe they've mapped an important sequence of events that shaped our galaxy 10 billion years ago. In a paper published in Nature Astronomy today, researchers from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) share their findings that a dwarf galaxy, Gaia-Enceladus, once collided and merged with the early Milky Way. Their discovery offers a new understanding of how the Milky Way formed.

    Astronomers previously believed that the galaxy was made of two separate sets of stars, but exactly how or when they came together was a mystery. Using the Gaia space telescope, these researchers were able to take more precise measurements of the position, brightness and distance of roughly one million stars. They also looked at the density of "metals," or elements without hydrogen or helium, that the stars contain. The researchers determined that both sets of stars are about the same age but that one was set into "chaotic motion," evidence of a galaxy collision.

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  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy  2 months back


    • eug 400
      eug 400  2 months back

      What is the name of the music playing on the video?

      • Nuclear Bullet
        Nuclear Bullet  2 months back

        You sound like you're on some anesthetics...

      • Gamer Doggg
        Gamer Doggg  2 months back


        • Artur
          Artur  2 months back

          Cannibalism....swallowed...consumed...Galaxies don't EAT? WTF is with these food references. They combined, merged with each other?

          • jitender chauhan
            jitender chauhan  2 months back

            2 trillion years ago? Our universe is only 14 billion years old..

            • KiTT FOXXE
              KiTT FOXXE  2 months back

              ITS GOOD TO BE WHITE

              • Michael Newell
                Michael Newell  2 months back

                And Trump wants swallowed a baby!.

                • TJ Vincenzi
                  TJ Vincenzi  2 months back

                  Earth is flat and motionless and evolution is a lie and Jesus Christ is GOD!

                  • FMF Forsyth
                    FMF Forsyth  2 months back

                    May have, might have, possibly, okay then publish it has almost a fact guess thingy, and the people will never

                    • N N
                      N N  2 months back

                      A reviewer talking about space? Gtfoh

                      • Jayce Haun
                        Jayce Haun  2 months back

                        she isn’t a very good speaker

                        • Jenny Gavin-Wear
                          Jenny Gavin-Wear  2 months back

                          Grats on trending!

                          • Nasim Haider
                            Nasim Haider  2 months back

                            1:58 looks like Yin and Yang for a moment

                          • NIX
                            NIX  2 months back

                            i love space stuff

                            • choppa
                              choppa  2 months back

                              I thought this said galactic cannabis
                              Space weed would probably make to transcend the third dimension

                              • 🔴Warped🔴
                                🔴Warped🔴  2 months back

                                I thought "dwarf" was considered politically incorrect...🤔

                                • J T
                                  J T  2 months back

                                  🔴Warped🔴 that's just when discussing penis size, I believe.

                              • Rinzler Dax
                                Rinzler Dax  2 months back

                                We're on our way to being swallowed by the Andromeda galaxy... what else is new?

                                • Tony Abreu
                                  Tony Abreu  2 months back

                                  Its premature to think we won't be here in 4 billion years. Our technology and way of life will be so far advanced we will have of course, migrated to other planets, but this is still our progenitor birthplace. I am sure we will still have Humans and possibly other alien species inhabiting Planet Earth.

                                  Technology will be what will ensure our survivability.

                                  • Hideika
                                    Hideika  2 months back

                                    Dwarf galaxy: exists
                                    Milky Way: *it’s free real estate*

                                    • forgottensailor2006
                                      forgottensailor2006  2 months back

                                      This isn't tech related's science/space. Stick to your focus or I'm going to unsubscribe.

                                      • B Lee
                                        B Lee  2 months back

                                        holy cow... I was just swallowing a Milky Way(candy, not galaxy) when I saw this video being posted... :(

                                        • Luis Sanchez
                                          Luis Sanchez  2 months back

                                          Milky Way pick on someone your own size LOL or was it the first happy meal LOL

                                          • J T
                                            J T  2 months back

                                            Given that the cosmos is infinite, I don't see why we are so egocentric as to think our known universe was the only one and that it was created by a single big bang. Why can't there have been, and continue to be, untold numbers of big bangs outside of the space we know? I realize that much of our understanding comes from light that has traveled for billions of years to reach us and that it would seem that if there were universes beyond ours that we would see their light, like we see our most distant stars, but I believe the ”explosion” (or rapid expansion if you will) of OUR big bang repelled light away from our universe as it blew outwards such that we wouldn't see other universes until after the known universe stopped expanding and then only after billions of years.

                                            • c c
                                              c c  2 months back

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                                              • Ric Tone
                                                Ric Tone  2 months back

                                                Satanic scientist just make this stuff up as they go along. Flatearth

                                                • Paras Suneja
                                                  Paras Suneja  2 months back

                                                  Second comment

                                                  • Dexter Alex
                                                    Dexter Alex  2 months back

                                                    First comment! 😃