Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs. Galaxy S10


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  • Luca Lacatusu
    Luca Lacatusu  3 days back

    Haha here in Romania (not in the capital) I get 250 Mbps on 4G+ and the costs are about 6£ per month for 50GB of internet

    • Taha Rana
      Taha Rana  2 weeks back

      Tbh its a rip off. People barely just got the s10 and now they release the "5g" version. I MEAN people spent a grand on the original s10 on its own. Plus there are not even that many changes, nor is 5g coverage even apparent yet. Plus the sim plans are even more expensive. So basically its a TOTAL rip off

      • zaheer afzal
        zaheer afzal  3 weeks back

        Do a battery drain test between the s10 plus and the s10 5g

        • Ashton Mitchl
          Ashton Mitchl  4 weeks back

          Fuck 5g it's the mark of the beast

          • Bezzina82
            Bezzina82  4 weeks back

            In Sydney Australia my s10 5g is hitting speeds up to 570Mbps

            • Bezzina82
              Bezzina82  3 weeks back

              @TutorialProgrammer it switches over to 5g automatically

            • TutorialProgrammer
              TutorialProgrammer  3 weeks back

              Can you choos the 5g option in the settings? The highest i can choos is LTE.

          • Mike main
            Mike main  1 months back

            Would like to see a real 4g comparison. I avg 100mb easy where I'm at. But def gonna get a 5g when it comes to me.

            • Ray Richmond
              Ray Richmond  1 months back

              I noticed a 5g tower being built right next to my apartment but not sure for what provider. But im definitely getting a s105g tomorrow.

              • Ray Richmond
                Ray Richmond  4 weeks back

                Im sure its part of the NWO but i will play into it until i know i have to stop which may be too late but i work for the government and if they take care of me i will take care of them even if that meens my soul.

              • Ashton Mitchl
                Ashton Mitchl  4 weeks back

                5g is the mark of the beast it is the sign of the end of days

            • Steven oshana
              Steven oshana  1 months back

              Vodafone sucks I'm surprised you had any reception

              • Rasmus Storgaard
                Rasmus Storgaard  1 months back

                In Denmark i Have over 100 Mbps at 4g

                • MasterChickenYT
                  MasterChickenYT  1 months back

                  Wow - here, in Germany in a 800 residents town, with Deutsche Telekom‘s 4G+ network you can get 262/61Mbps.

                  • Michel Jensen
                    Michel Jensen  3 weeks back

                    Im running 350/100 in Denmark. Guess internet in UK sucks.

                • RobbieV
                  RobbieV  1 months back

                  What about memory, built in or mini sd card slot ?

                  • Coco El quatro
                    Coco El quatro  1 months back

                    2:35 you have to now that there will be interferences if you run the same speedtest simultaneously on both devices
                    And it will be 5G when we will see the 4G++ phone topping the 1.2Gbps and the 5G version going farer
                    Because 1.2Gbps is the top tier speed reatchable with 4G technology

                    • RobbieV
                      RobbieV  1 months back

                      Spell check next time. :)

                  • Black Lyfe
                    Black Lyfe  1 months back

                    The note 10 plus makes this phone look useless

                    • Dark lord
                      Dark lord  1 months back

                      Yeah man it is beautiful but I wish it had headphone jack

                  • Mark PRO
                    Mark PRO  1 months back

                    In Russia, 4g works twice as fast as your 5g 😃

                    • Jon Medeiros
                      Jon Medeiros  2 weeks back

                      I agree that 4g in London was trash. We get better speeds in the sticks and city in USA . Maybe it was a quick video didn't get much footage of speeds? I have 5g in a city I work in and it's trash unless you're literally standing under the antennas.

                    • Mark PRO
                      Mark PRO  1 months back

                      @bitTorrenter not an excuse. millionaire cities. although in fairness not all operators have good speed, someone’s networks are really overloaded

                    • bitTorrenter
                      bitTorrenter  1 months back

                      Population density

                  • DVD Video
                    DVD Video  1 months back

                    Watching on s10 5g got it today

                    • Deadzio
                      Deadzio  1 months back

                      Honestly this is bullshit xD i get like 80mbit in 4g in my place...because i dont live in is congested by 4g users this is why you get slow speeds...wait when 5g devices will be in common use and speeds will drop

                1 months back

                        How much do you pay for your mobile plan ? In France the 4G with RED by SFR 40GB is 5 € (4,59£)

                      • Daniel H
                        Daniel H  1 months back

                        The word 'data' has a hard 't' in it. This dude needs grammar and elocution lessons.

                        • bigspook999
                          bigspook999  1 months back

                          5Ge is not Millimeter wave and is not 5G

                          • Shah Rewl
                            Shah Rewl  1 months back

                            LOL at the fast scrubbing midway netflix. my pixel 2 xl on 4g didnt load in seconds, it load instantly instead. 5g not quite there yet? u bet.

                            • cptcrogge
                              cptcrogge  1 months back

                              @bitTorrenter As I said it works fine in my city, I guess there is plenty of bandwidth via fiberline available or a lack of 4G users.

                            • bitTorrenter
                              bitTorrenter  1 months back

                              @cptcrogge Which is plenty in a lab type environment. Problem is the amount of users consistently congesting the networks, no matter what improvements are made.

                            • cptcrogge
                              cptcrogge  1 months back

                              Exactly, it depends a lot on the used provider and network strength. 4G is able to reach 3-digit Mbit values.

                          • LordRandith
                            LordRandith  1 months back

                            5G isn't real yet

                            • I LightenStar I
                              I LightenStar I  1 months back

                              I don’t care about 5G, I care about the overkill specs in the S10 5G.

                              • 김사월_April
                                김사월_April  1 months back

                                same lol i like the display size and battery and how the lock button is lower but I'm debating coz i don"t like the color that much for the 5G

                              • bitTorrenter
                                bitTorrenter  1 months back

                                @I LightenStar I O2 state that the value of this phone is £989. Really? That much, O2?

                              • I LightenStar I
                                I LightenStar I  1 months back

                                To be fair the S10 5G is noticeably more expensive than the Note 10 Plus.

                              • Perhaps
                                Perhaps  1 months back

                                I LightenStar I True. Its literally a s10+ on steroids. Quite literally the best android on the market. It even beats the note 10+

                            • I LightenStar I
                              I LightenStar I  1 months back

                              Imagine using 5G to play games by using a wireless VR.

                              • Amit Budhraja
                                Amit Budhraja  1 months back

                                Why didn't you try it on EE instead of Vodafone ?

                                • White owk
                                  White owk  1 months back

                                  5g has already proven to give people cancer...look into it before our first amendment gets taken away

                                  • White owk
                                    White owk  1 months back

                                    ​@bigspook999 there are already plenty of cases where these 5g towers have popped up and suddenly people nearest to it have gotten cancer, and of course, they claim that correlation is not causation just like autism and vaccines but thats a different story.

                                  • bigspook999
                                    bigspook999  1 months back

                                    White owk any single fact or evidence of this? Stay off the mommy blogs

                                • Mihai Laurentiu
                                  Mihai Laurentiu  1 months back

                                  Apple watch with Samsung phone?

                                  • Jeong-hun Sin
                                    Jeong-hun Sin  1 months back


                                    • cptcrogge
                                      cptcrogge  1 months back

                                      4G does 100+ Mbit in most German cities... (Telekom or Vodafone, "D" network)

                                      • cptcrogge
                                        cptcrogge  1 months back

                                        @DerZuschauer Yes, at least in Southern Germany (BW) you get 3-digit results with Vodafone. Even far outside the city with 80-90dB strength I reach 25-50Mbit download, 15-25Mbit upload which is perfectly fine for smartphone purposes.

                                      • DerZuschauer
                                        DerZuschauer  1 months back

                                        Nope lol 😂

                                    • Juan Rivera
                                      Juan Rivera  1 months back

                                      I have to say that the 5g is an excellent phone. I can't keep my hands off it. No drop outd, fast, reliable and the features are excellent. The camera can put photographers out of business. Take it from a person who does photography. That's how mad crazy this camera is.

                                      • Perhaps
                                        Perhaps  1 months back

                                        Juan Rivera Yeah, its a quad camera setup with ToF sensors. It better take good photos 😂

                                    • Bill H
                                      Bill H  1 months back

                                      Bruh, I’m shocked your hands didn’t burn off.

                                      • ricky v
                                        ricky v  1 months back

                                        I am perfectly content with the LTE service we have in the USA. But, I know progress has to be made and it is. (:

                                        • Amir Akramov
                                          Amir Akramov  1 months back

                                          🤔5G 😤

                                          • elvis boakye
                                            elvis boakye  1 months back

                                            Gets 5G, test network with fortnite

                                            • elvis boakye
                                              elvis boakye  1 months back

                                              5G is fast because no one is on it🙄

                                              • lloyd t
                                                lloyd t  1 weeks back

                                                True, 4g was also very fast at the beginning. Now its patchy at best .

                                              • FliK StOrM
                                                FliK StOrM  1 months back

                                                elvis boakye true

                                            • Shravani Kalambe
                                              Shravani Kalambe  1 months back

                                              Ha ha ha

                                              • Wild Earth
                                                Wild Earth  1 months back

                                                So you go outside to watch movie or play games on your phone ?

                                                • B C
                                                  B C  1 months back

                                                  I picked up the s10 5g today, I honestly purchased it for the improved camera and display size. It will be a while before we get 5g where I live in Australia, so, I am not that fussed about it. All in all it is a very fast and smooth phone, and looks better in person than on youtube, it has the most amazing display.

                                                  • B C
                                                    B C  1 months back

                                                    @Perhaps Definitely not too big, buttons are easy to reach and feels really good in the hand. Because of the extra camera hole on the front , the slot is bigger, but I hardly notice it when watching videos. Watching 4j content with hdr plus enabled is mindblowing. Only downside of its size is that it will not fit into the recess in my car that has the charging pad. It is by far the best phone I have owned. It ticks all the boxes IMO.

                                                  • Perhaps
                                                    Perhaps  1 months back

                                                    B C Excellent choice buying that phone. The best android on the market literally? Btw, do you feel it’s too big or have you gotten used to the size?

                                                • micheal bolton
                                                  micheal bolton  1 months back

                                                  wait till you get on a HuaWei 5G !
                                                  that's why it took a US President to intervene.


                                                  • Samiyul Islam
                                                    Samiyul Islam  2 months back

                                                    Another thing that's high is money. Buying this 1 grand no way. Still cheaper than the most expensive iphone out there. And btw my home isn't in public.

                                                    • Tim R.
                                                      Tim R.  2 months back

                                                      Samsung advertises the Tab S6 LTE with "up to 2gbps LTE".
                                                      5G makes literally no sense in terms of download speed. Seriously
                                                      Even your testing wasn't that much saying. You probably can walk 20 feet and than LTE also hits the 200mbps mark easily...

                                                      • J O
                                                        J O  2 months back

                                                        You literally have to be next to a 5G tower to get any good service. The hype is BULLSHIT.

                                                        • K C
                                                          K C  2 months back

                                                          5G has not been fully implemented yet

                                                          • bitTorrenter
                                                            bitTorrenter  1 months back

                                                            Not even being implemented by O2 until October.

                                                        • cpufrost
                                                          cpufrost  2 months back

                                                          To hell with 5G, the S10 5G is the best Samsung phone bar none! Once you use it, the S10+ even, feels inadequate. The screen is amazing! OnePlus 7Pro is nice but the curves and really round edges just kind of spoils it unfortunately.

                                                          • Black Lyfe
                                                            Black Lyfe  1 months back

                                                            It's the note 10 and note 10 plus

                                                          • Perhaps
                                                            Perhaps  2 months back

                                                            cpufrost I definitely agree. Even if you ignore the 5G capabilities, the S10 5G is still the best android on the market. Its literally a S10+ on steroids. Larger screen, larger battery, more cameras and sensors, etc.. quite literally the best

                                                        • Roberto Abud
                                                          Roberto Abud  2 months back

                                                          what people dont understand is 5g may be faster, BUUT the range is shit

                                                          • one punch god
                                                            one punch god  2 months back

                                                            Attack on titan is absolutely garbage

                                                            • Pink Starburst
                                                              Pink Starburst  2 months back

                                                              DO NOT GET 5G

                                                            • Anand Reddy
                                                              Anand Reddy  2 months back

                                                              Apps should perform much better with 5G. Content downloads much faster. Most apps spend a lot of time waiting for content to load from the internet.

                                                              • likemike751
                                                                likemike751  2 months back

                                                                5g is going to kill us all. Research it

                                                                • bigspook999
                                                                  bigspook999  1 months back

                                                                  It's not. Read some physics theory