Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work !


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  • _layla playz gacha _xD
    _layla playz gacha _xD  8 minutes back

    Who else thinks azzy is the best youtuber on earth

    • Shakeel Bhyat
      Shakeel Bhyat  37 minutes back

      It doesn't work. The p00l thing

      • Lukas Murphy
        Lukas Murphy  47 minutes back

        It works

        • Kobe the qro
          Kobe the qro  1 hours back

          It works

          • Kyra Walton
            Kyra Walton  1 hours back

            It's not true the pool warm hack is not true I did it and it didn't work!

            • Gicks Kelly
              Gicks Kelly  1 hours back

              That has happen to my girl. Got stuck to the chair

              • Mckayla Pasley
                Mckayla Pasley  2 hours back

                Sorry for sounding snippy I still love your videos 🦄

                • Kaylee Maher
                  Kaylee Maher  2 hours back

                  Long hair?Don't worry

                  WE GOT A HACK....SHAVE YOUR HEAD

                  • Woolies Thu Le
                    Woolies Thu Le  4 hours back

                    Tbh, these hacks take longer than just doing the actual solution ;-;

                    • Willow The gamer
                      Willow The gamer  4 hours back

                      Fine, I’ll watch it, YouTube are you happy now

                      • Moostic
                        Moostic  4 hours back

                        5:07 why does that sound racist af

                        • Isla Prentice
                          Isla Prentice  5 hours back

                          I love Azzy 💜

                          • Hope Visser
                            Hope Visser  6 hours back

                            Azzy I am an 6 grader en fore u I explain that black observers the lite end gets worm of the energy of the lite end white revlekts lite end stays Koeler then black end I am Dutch so sorry vore the ronge words

                            • Ken Ben
                              Ken Ben  7 hours back


                              • Ken Ben
                                Ken Ben  7 hours back

                                Love you

                                • My Name
                                  My Name  7 hours back

                                  I would just take duct tape to the hole in the floatie, it is easier especially if you don't own an iron.

                                  • Jessica Stead
                                    Jessica Stead  8 hours back

                                    dipping it does help Azzy

                                    • Sharon Maria
                                      Sharon Maria  9 hours back

                                      Azzy the one hack of the pool DOES NOT WORK

                                      • Ronny Govaerts
                                        Ronny Govaerts  11 hours back


                                        • Kasey Marriott
                                          Kasey Marriott  11 hours back

                                          with the one with the black bags hoops and noodles the water might become warm becuase black absorbs heat and it could take the heat and transfer it into the water

                                          💫the more you know💫

                                          • Jiana Puddle
                                            Jiana Puddle  11 hours back

                                            Or take of the ring!!!!

                                            • Christina Talevska
                                              Christina Talevska  12 hours back


                                              • Mohd Fauzi
                                                Mohd Fauzi  12 hours back

                                                I dose work

                                                • Itz • Moonluna
                                                  Itz • Moonluna  13 hours back

                                                  The water hat one is real my swimming instructor did it to me all the time 😆

                                                  • RøseSuhn
                                                    RøseSuhn  14 hours back

                                                    It would b too easy to keep the tea bag in the tea

                                                    • Crystal Hernandez
                                                      Crystal Hernandez  15 hours back


                                                      • Barbara Wright
                                                        Barbara Wright  16 hours back


                                                        • Leopards For Life
                                                          Leopards For Life  16 hours back

                                                          Also, the stuff animal tiger in the video, is an actual stuff animal cause I got the same one.

                                                          • Leopards For Life
                                                            Leopards For Life  16 hours back

                                                            You desperate? Not how you get likes and subs.

                                                            • M Villarreal
                                                              M Villarreal  16 hours back

                                                              The splinter one works I had splinter on my leg and I did it and it is off

                                                              • Reyna livengood
                                                                Reyna livengood  17 hours back

                                                                I literally been doing that before I even seen this hack but I didn’t have my full face just put on your four head

                                                                • Monique Benjamin
                                                                  Monique Benjamin  17 hours back

                                                                  The pool gach workd for meh😀

                                                                  • Puppitypaws Aj
                                                                    Puppitypaws Aj  17 hours back

                                                                    It is not a bikini bottom it’s a underwear

                                                                    • Yari P
                                                                      Yari P  17 hours back

                                                                      I tried the swim cap one i didnt work

                                                                      • Stefhany Bibitete
                                                                        Stefhany Bibitete  18 hours back

                                                                        Shae went to the hotel room

                                                                        • Ashlea Bruce
                                                                          Ashlea Bruce  18 hours back

                                                                          I did the swim cap one it works

                                                                          • Gracie cook
                                                                            Gracie cook  19 hours back

                                                                            It works

                                                                            • roger loves lamps
                                                                              roger loves lamps  19 hours back

                                                                              My ring is lord of the rings


                                                                              • Angelina Dominguez
                                                                                Angelina Dominguez  19 hours back

                                                                                mmmmmmmmmmm I need one of these hacks/im lazy

                                                                                • Curlyhead Maia
                                                                                  Curlyhead Maia  19 hours back


                                                                                  • Horse lover 1234
                                                                                    Horse lover 1234  20 hours back

                                                                                    I have tried the swim hat one and it doesn’t work

                                                                                    • Christine Jones
                                                                                      Christine Jones  20 hours back

                                                                                      I am never watching you again you don't get the point of the video

                                                                                      • slaying weird kiwi
                                                                                        slaying weird kiwi  20 hours back

                                                                                        8:18 it actually dose work :D well for me...

                                                                                        • Karsyn the Kidd
                                                                                          Karsyn the Kidd  20 hours back


                                                                                          • Owly Girl
                                                                                            Owly Girl  21 hours back

                                                                                            The garbage bag hack does work. I tried it on my pool and it worked! Although, it only got warm where we put the garbage bags. So if you have a big pool you need a lot of garbage bags.

                                                                                            • Yeimy Montoya
                                                                                              Yeimy Montoya  22 hours back

                                                                                              Listen Azzy your music video is dumb and so are you ok☺☺

                                                                                              • Hello Hoomans
                                                                                                Hello Hoomans  22 hours back

                                                                                                Ya know, there is a thing called Henna Tatoos?

                                                                                                • Itz Raining Rainbows
                                                                                                  Itz Raining Rainbows  22 hours back

                                                                                                  2:38 PUPPY AZZZZY
                                                                                                  Click down here if you do u get her