Acer Predator Triton 900 Review: Who needs a crazy swiveling screen?


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  • Mete Tuncay
    Mete Tuncay  2 months back

    FINALLY. 4k. Good work

    • a
      a  2 months back


      • Hunter Henryk
        Hunter Henryk  2 months back

        This is not the first time Acer has used this hinge or general design. In 2013, Acer released the Aspire R7 which had this ezel hinge. I had one. I really liked that laptop, until it was stolen from me.

        • Kamen Rider Blade
          Kamen Rider Blade  2 months back

          I love the design concept, but for that kind of money:
          1) There should be bezels that are comparable to the Dell XPS 13 (< 5mm)
          2) There should be a full size KeyBoard: the TouchPad should be a fold out type-cover style screen protector that is attached magnetically to the front and forms a triangular wrist rest
          3) The screen's built in Touch Screen should support 16 finger support for group use
          4) The KeyBoard should be using Dell's MagLev style keys for durability
          5) The base should have ASUS rear hinge to raise it for better air flow out of the sides
          6) The Speakers should be on the bottom front in a matching structural portrusion to match the hinge and have really good depth of sound since it'll have a nice cavity to make noise with

          • delpher32exe
            delpher32exe  2 months back

            Did that dude managed to get additional tan on his already tan skin?

            • Sammie Akan
              Sammie Akan  2 months back

              You'r just hating.

              • Chris Tran
                Chris Tran  2 months back

                I have to disagree with almost everything in this review. There is a lot of features I love...
                I like having the ability to put the monitor closer to my face
                I like having the tracking pad on the right. I have always hated it in the middle where my hands normally brush against it.
                I NEED the display port which is extremely rare in laptops. My Rift S and Valve Index only have display port connectors for VR.
                This thing just has everything. One of the best laptop imo. This and the Zenbook Pro Duo are the only 2 laptops I'm excited about. And this one is far more powerful.

                • Phillip Lemmon
                  Phillip Lemmon  2 months back

                  It's $3800 cuz of its COMPONENTS..

                  NOT cuz of its design.

                  • Ryan lex
                    Ryan lex  2 months back

                    The bezel is hugh. It 2019 we don't need hugh bezel

                    • Ryan lex
                      Ryan lex  2 months back

                      @Vas hahahah you know what i mean

                    • Vas
                      Vas  2 months back

                      but who is the real Hugh Bezel

                  • Keng Yuan Chang
                    Keng Yuan Chang  2 months back

                    If the screen can be raised too then finally; a laptop you can use without hunching.

                    • JUST MONIKA
                      JUST MONIKA  2 months back

                      PLEASE 15 inch version with Wacom technology