Impossible Foods is coming to grocery stores


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  • C N F
    C N F  7 days back

    GMO Soy = Glyphosate
    No thank you!
    I'll stick with grass fed organic beef.

    • Jaco Bey
      Jaco Bey  1 months back

      This thing got plastic in

      • Wheelsmcdeals ace
        Wheelsmcdeals ace  1 months back

        the same gov let Epstein go free. the same gov let Oxycontin be sold to kids. the same gov protects the opium production in Afghanistan. the same gov steals kids from parents. the same gov protects trans kid story telling. the same gov protects abortion. the same gov wants to give kids sex changes.

        • Sho Brown
          Sho Brown  1 months back

          I ate an impossible patty raw one time and it tastes like beef tar tar. 👌

          • Nick MaGrick
            Nick MaGrick  2 months back

            this informed me of nothing. You even left off with "Will it taste the same? I don't know!" like wth

            • James Johnson
              James Johnson  1 months back

              The information is what's in the title. It's coming to grocery stores. The rest is just talk.

          • benlogan100
            benlogan100  2 months back

            What’s weird about this video? Doing us vegetarians a disservice with ending comments like that! I do appreciate the update though.

            • c c
              c c  2 months back

              ....9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes (War Criminal)& the World Elite...

              • Herwin Torres
                Herwin Torres  2 months back

                Can't wait!

                • Ojasvi Singh 786
                  Ojasvi Singh 786  2 months back


                  • flexairz
                    flexairz  2 months back

                    Soy based products are full of plant like estrogen.. Great to grow man boobs or breast cancer.
                    I tried that fake meat, its unhealthy, tastes like cardboard and will never buy that sh.t again.
                    There is enough known about soy and the long term effects in humans.

                    • L. B.
                      L. B.  2 months back

                      “Have you or a loved been diagnosed with mesothelioma, and regularly consumed impossible meat like substance? Contact the law offices of Terry Penar.”

                      • Edward Ethridge
                        Edward Ethridge  2 months back

                        I thought eating cows 🐄 over chicken 🐓 save the planet from climate change. Now I’m exposed to eat plant burger from plants that produce oxygen over cows 🐄 emissions 💩. I’m confused 😐 🤷‍♂️

                        • Arvin Medina
                          Arvin Medina  2 months back

                          Pretentious People: gmo isn't good for you.

                          Impossible Burger: Hold my buns

                          • mett7
                            mett7  2 months back

                            No thanks, I will stick to traditional meat.

                          • Diego
                            Diego  2 months back

                            Animals eat each other, just saying...

                            • Supertron5000
                              Supertron5000  1 months back

                              @Stuff They do exist to completely replace meat. The CEO has stated several times that his company aims to end the production of meat by 2035. Of course, if that ever happens, the wealthy elite won't be eating this stuff. They'll be flying somewhere meat is still legal to have dinner or they'll be having it imported. The fake meat is for their inferiors.

                            • flexairz
                              flexairz  2 months back

                              And some are even vegetarian.. I eat them too!

                            • Stuff
                              Stuff  2 months back

                              Yeah that's true but the current conditions of the meat we eat right now are not the greatest. Cows are pumped with hormones to make them bigger and make more milk, and free range seems to be a thing of the past. If these animals were free range and didnt have to go through thse horrible conditions then I would agree. Eat all the meat you want, but with today's population skyrocketing and the immense requirements of the people make this unsustainable for our planet, and in the long run. I dont think that these meatless burgers exist to completely replace meat, at least for now, but they could be used as an alternative for a lot of people.

                          • Q LFX
                            Q LFX  2 months back

                            Does this seem the way evolution is meant to head in? Insect Ice cream and fake meat? Fuck sake. Most soy is GMO in the states. Bon appetite.

                            • Rizki Pratama
                              Rizki Pratama  2 months back

                              I want vegetables made from meat.

                            • Dokter Roetker
                              Dokter Roetker  2 months back

                              Such a shame it's soy based, my wife has a serious soy allergy, which makes eating all these plant-based burgers impossible. Alternatives like wheat are also unpopular with gluten. I wish they used corn or rice more, never heard of allergies to those foods.

                              • Dokter Roetker
                                Dokter Roetker  2 months back

                                @flexairz corn, rice, soy, wheat: all acceptable alternatives for meat products. However only wheat and soy contain allergens.

                              • flexairz
                                flexairz  2 months back

                                Corn or rice?
                                Well, if you are going for diabetes, then that will help you on that road.

                            • who create GOD?
                              who create GOD?  2 months back

                              I don't like to give my worst nightmare to innocent animal. 😔.

                              • Alan Martinez
                                Alan Martinez  2 months back

                                Anything FDA approve is dangerous sheeple!!!!!

                                • Stuff
                                  Stuff  2 months back

                                  So all foods

                              • glenn kennedy
                                glenn kennedy  2 months back

                                August 8th it will be available in all BK's in the US ! !!! YAY !!!

                                • Julia Crawford
                                  Julia Crawford  2 months back

                                  I love Beyond Burgers the most I think.

                                  • Rui Nogueira
                                    Rui Nogueira  2 months back

                                    but what it's made of? don't care if it is aproved by someone...what i care is knowing what i'm eating.

                                    • Tinas Healthy Aromatics
                                      Tinas Healthy Aromatics  2 days back

                                      The FDA approves a lot of things that aren’t good for you

                                    • Steve Patel
                                      Steve Patel  4 weeks back

                                      Actually they are not strict! Ever walk through the diet pill section of your drug store??? As a biochemist I wouldn't touch this frankenburger with a ten foot pole

                                    • Axodus
                                      Axodus  1 months back

                                      @Rui Nogueira
                                      I *DO* care that they're strict, I'd rather not have heavy metals and toxic compounds in my food by companies trying to cut corners like you do *apparently.*

                                    • rokool
                                      rokool  1 months back

                                      I hate to be that guy but, forget about the environmental and ethical issues about meat. Meat is not healthy meat is not neutral either in terms of health it is bad for humans not matter if it is organic or not it is bad. Do some research by research, look up vegans/ vegetarian life span vs life span of meat eaters. Btw FDA is full of shit it's being lobbied my big corporations for years the only reason they are approved this is because they see that meatless meat is the future since FDA cannot suppress this fact anymore they join em in hope of making good relations with these meatless meat companies.

                                    • Cat Stevens
                                      Cat Stevens  1 months back

                                      Uhhh, wait, so then what is the nutritional facts because you just called two different things nutritional facts. ?

                                  • JustSimplyBrandon
                                    JustSimplyBrandon  2 months back

                                    My concern is the cost per pound, compared to ground beef. Will it be more expensive or cheaper in the long run?

                                    • Idyllsend
                                      Idyllsend  2 months back

                                      Low supply, high demand situation.

                                    • Armon Naddaf
                                      Armon Naddaf  2 months back

                                      Plant based meats use something like a tenth of the resources that livestock need. The only reason they are expensive today is because the industry is still young. Once the ball gets rolling, we will have cheap Impossible Foods in no time!

                                      Btw meat is as cheap as it is because of large government subsidies. Can plant based meat one day get these incentives too?

                                  • MX
                                    MX  2 months back

                                    Some day we will look back and be amazed we used to eat rotting corpses.

                                    • flexairz
                                      flexairz  2 months back

                                      Try eating your meat before it starts to rot.

                                  • Jonathan Lee
                                    Jonathan Lee  2 months back

                                    They so futuristic and cool

                                    • shubus
                                      shubus  2 months back

                                      These companies can take their GMO fake foods and put it where the sun don't shine.

                                      • Orang Kampung
                                        Orang Kampung  2 months back

                                        New types of disease coming soon

                                        • flexairz
                                          flexairz  2 months back

                                          There are already known about soy.

                                      • ILostMyAccuracy
                                        ILostMyAccuracy  2 months back

                                        Great. More addictives

                                        • Metacognition88
                                          Metacognition88  2 months back

                                          Yeeeeeaaaah buddy. Lightweight baby

                                          • nicholas williams
                                            nicholas williams  2 months back

                                            What we actually need is a plant based burger that is cheaper than real beef so that people have an economic incentive to buy it. Hopefully Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods can achieve economies of scale.

                                            • Pat Dagostino
                                              Pat Dagostino  1 months back

                                              I just ate ,good but not for $5.49 + tax. Im sure your right with time it will be less.

                                            • Eragor the Kindhearted
                                              Eragor the Kindhearted  2 months back

                                              Hopefully it will happen. Honestly, the only reason it costs so much is neither company has fully figured out how to mass produce the 'meat' yet. It will take some time for them to build factories large enough for full-scale production, but prices should drop to rival normal meat once that happens (Granted, it could also pose issues for ranchers and meat-producing companies, who will fight back)

                                            • Zaph Enath
                                              Zaph Enath  2 months back

                                              it's almost guaranteed to happen. this is just the very beginning of the product. things are always more expensive to start with.

                                          • lee gold
                                            lee gold  2 months back

                                            or you could just eat meat ? it what humans do we eat every thing

                                            • Sara Lopez
                                              Sara Lopez  1 months back

                                              @godfatherNYC yes

                                            • lee gold
                                              lee gold  2 months back

                                              @Idyllsend not saying you can bet ever one add to the problem is all i'm saying and i'm by far mr clean my self as i should recyle more and ect but dont alway but there no one way to fix it every one has to do there part and meat is by far the lease of the problems lets face it

                                            • Idyllsend
                                              Idyllsend  2 months back

                                              @lee gold Well I'm a farmer.. and let me tell you that electronics are by no means contributing enough to global warming compared to other industries. If Amazon is soon to be a trillion dollar company, I don't see what prevents me from owning a few computers.

                                            • lee gold
                                              lee gold  2 months back

                                              @Idyllsend well thats good to hear as for assaulting you grow up if every thing you say is true great job we need more people like you but as for water cool and build you own computer it still had it parts made in facory. and i dont think you mr green as you think you are. away was hope what you said is true i highly doubt it true but any who gl with your life

                                            • Idyllsend
                                              Idyllsend  2 months back

                                              ​@lee gold I'm taking the blame as much as everyone else. I just told you that methane and greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment and it's only in time that they become one of the major threats in just a few decades, to invest into plant based beef is better than your suggestion of just "eating meat".
                                              I'm a stranger and I don't know why you're assaulting me, but if you want some facts, my house is 80% powered with solar and I'm still building for more targeting the 150% range, it's insulated, I own a hybrid vehicle, I build my own computers and they're water cooled, the main station is cooled with liquid nitrogen, I own a farm that accounts for over 400 trees, my presence on YouTube isn't valuable whatsoever, and I recycle my waste and water. I'm somewhere.

                                          • Wheelsmcdeals ace
                                            Wheelsmcdeals ace  2 months back

                                            plant killers!

                                            • B Lee
                                              B Lee  2 months back

                                              If it sounds(or in this case, tastes) too good to be true, it probably is... another example: Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of Theranos

                                              • CineChimp
                                                CineChimp  2 months back

                                                Its a crazy world.

                                                • Chris Sparks
                                                  Chris Sparks  2 months back

                                                  What kind of magical fast food are you eating?? If fast food burgers taste "better" than your home made burgers......then you either have the cooking skills a toddler just learning how to talk, or you've been to Michelin Star quality fast food joints lol. But, I'm assuming, you're probably just a terrible cook. But that's okay too. I'm just like there is absolutely no way fast food burgers taste better than home made ones, unless you are just an absolutely pathetic cook lol.

                                                  • Bob Alpha
                                                    Bob Alpha  2 months back

                                                    safe to eat in 2019 ... lets hope it stays safe this in 2029

                                                    • Bob Alpha
                                                      Bob Alpha  2 months back

                                                      u cant make an unhealthy burger that tastes amazing at home ...

                                                      • Clark Kent
                                                        Clark Kent  2 months back

                                                        Hell yeah

                                                        • Kenz300 x
                                                          Kenz300 x  2 months back

                                                          Eating less meat and dairy is better for your health and the planet. 
                                                          Eat healthy (more fruit and vegetables) and exercise daily. You will be healthier and happier.

                                                          • Amusis
                                                            Amusis  2 months back

                                                            Bullshit. I eat only meat because plant based foods are carb poison.

                                                        • Puffycheeks
                                                          Puffycheeks  2 months back

                                                          Oh Hell Yeah!

                                                          • Drewski Lodge
                                                            Drewski Lodge  2 months back

                                                            Disgusting. ..

                                                            • Nyle
                                                              Nyle  2 months back

                                                              @Q LFX I no longer like the idea of eating a dead animal. Organic has no effect on the ethical, environmental or health side of things but I understand why you may think it would without properly researching the subject. It's not about not agreeing with you. Animal protein is the cause of many illnesses and diseases. I don't advocate eating Impossible burgers or any fake meat for that matter but see no problem in them as an occasional "treat". I now eat and advocate a whole foods Plant-based diet. It's the only diet ever to REVERSE heart disease, the number one killer of people worldwide. Animal protein is linked to various diseases. I went vegan nearly 2 years ago. Prior to this I ate way more animal products than the average person. I'd eat chicken usually twice a day, lots of eggs, fish, dairy products. I even consumed a keto diet for a few months. I'm not some hippy either (not that there's anytbing wrong with that). I've been in the military for nearly 7 years, working class background. I'm not someone to push an agenda either, contrary to what it may seem. I would however recommend the book The China Study by Dr T. Colin Campbell. I was the first person to slate vegans then I decided to open my mind.

                                                            • Q LFX
                                                              Q LFX  2 months back

                                                              @Nyle Vegans/vegetarians as you are liking the taste of meat, but calling actual meat disgusting is a bit off the centre no?
                                                              Choose organic for ethical/environmental purposes. If meat doesn't agree with you health wise, cool. But it works for people like Mikhaila Peterson, who can only eat meat. Check her out.
                                                              Nice talking to you. Side note: Birds and other animals, insects, sea creatures, even plants, eat meat. So, we just need to take a step back and reevaluate where we're taking this.

                                                              If it's fake/gmo, not interested. If it's part of the system that's thrived on our planet for many thousands of years, sticking with the one with a proven track record seems the right choice.

                                                              The FDA is not trustworthy. This stuff is for 'guinea pigs'. There will be implications of GMO and disguised foods in the future.
                                                              We'll have to agree to disagree.
                                                              Nice talking to you

                                                            • Nyle
                                                              Nyle  2 months back

                                                              @Q LFX There's many reasons people don't want to eat meat. There are plenty of people who used to eat meat and like the taste but no longer eat it for ethical, health or environmental reasons. Being vegetarian or vegan doesn't mean you don't like the taste of meat.

                                                            • Q LFX
                                                              Q LFX  2 months back

                                                              @Nyle Eat whatever you want. Point is they both decompose. Your 1st comment was about decomposing foods yeah?
                                                              So no meat flavoured soy for you? Cause if you eat meat flavoured stuff, but you don't eat meat, well, you figure it out.

                                                            • Nyle
                                                              Nyle  2 months back

                                                              @Q LFX And you still don't get that I'd rather eat a vegetable than a rotting price of flesh. Whether it's fresh or gone off. Understand?

                                                          • d.j Harden
                                                            d.j Harden  2 months back

                                                            Yay! I just ate an Impossible whopper before watching this haha! Delicious!

                                                            • Cat Stevens
                                                              Cat Stevens  1 months back

                                                              Mine was good too! You think it tastes like cardboard Flex?

                                                            • flexairz
                                                              flexairz  2 months back

                                                              If, you like cardboard.

                                                            • Mercury
                                                              Mercury  2 months back


                                                          • QuarioQuario54321
                                                            QuarioQuario54321  2 months back

                                                            How many people have gotten an ad that’s a plane landing?

                                                            • Ricky Spanish
                                                              Ricky Spanish  2 months back

                                                              I've gotten that ad like 4 times today.

                                                          • Football Always / كورة دائمًا

                                                            We know you love that food